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Within the Finance tab of the Builder, you can add Preset Amount buttons, set transaction limits, connect Funds, adjust the payment methods available, enable the Donor Covers Fee, and utilize the Gift of Any Amount feature.


Within the Finance>Amounts tab, you can customize the following:

  • Frequency Options (recurring commitments)

  • Preset Amounts

  • Transaction Amount Limits

  • Future Pledge Upgrade

Frequency Options

Select the Frequency Options you would like available for supporters to initiate recurring commitments.

The following Frequency Options are available:

  • Once

  • Every week

  • Every other week

  • Every month

  • Every quarter

  • Twice a year

  • Once a year

Only 4 Frequency Options can be selected for a single Donation Page. To remove a Frequency Option, click the Trash icon to the right of Every month (or other frequency fields). Once can only be removed if another Frequency Option has been added.

To add a new Frequency Option, click the + Add option button.

Below the Frequency Options selection list, a Default frequency field is available. This field allows you to pre-select a frequency.

Disclaimer: We encourage setting Once as the Default frequency for all pages, unless you have clearly designated the page for Memberships.
Defaulting to a recurring frequency can result in refund requests and chargebacks.

The Frequency Options added to the Donation Page will automatically appear as buttons above the Preset Amounts. If Once and Every month are the only Frequency Options applied to the page, you can opt to set the Every month option as a Checkbox.

Within the Amounts editor, scroll down to the Other Recurring Options field. Under Display Option, check the Show as checkbox field.

With the Monthly Checkbox display, you can also add a Recurring Upgrade Banner. Enter a call-to-action message to this field to encourage monthly commitments.

Preset Amounts

Add Preset Amounts to your Donation Page to encourage specific gift amounts and reduce donor effort!

Click the Enable Presets button to add Preset Amounts. $25, $50, $100, and $200 will auto-populate as Preset Amounts.

To change these amounts, click within the individual Amount field and type a new amount.

Alternatively, you can click the Trash icon next to each amount to remove the Amount Preset button.

To add additional Preset Amounts, click the + Add Amount button. You can then add your custom Amount to the field.

To add a Description to the Amount Preset, click the Note icon.

Note: The Description applied to the Preset Amount button will not be recorded or available within Exports.

Please contact our Support team directly here if you would like to add two Preset Amounts that are the same Amount, but have two separate Descriptions.

To Reorder the Preset Amounts, click the Reorder icon to maneuver a Preset Amount above or below other Preset Amounts.

Select Yes within the Allow other amounts field to allow supporters to enter a custom donation amount. Select No if you would like to prevent custom donation amounts.

To highlight a specific Preset Amount button, select an Amount from the dropdown list under the Feature Amounts (optional) field. By selecting an Amount, the Preset Amount button will be highlighted and include a Star icon. You may also add a Popular label to the button by selecting Popular from the Label dropdown.

Transaction Amount Limits

Set Transaction Amount Limits to your Donation Page to prevent specific donation amounts from processing.

Under Transaction Amounts Limits, adjust the Per Transaction Minimum and Per Transaction Maximum.

By default, the Per Transaction Minimum is set to $1 for all Donation Pages, and the Per Transaction Maximum is set to $25,000.

Tip: All fundraising accounts have a Maximum Transaction Limit of $25,000 per transaction. Please contact our Support team here if you need to raise this limit above $25,000.
The Per Transaction Maximum can only be raised above $25,000 by Anedot Staff.

Disclaimer: Settings a Per Transaction Maximum does not prevent a supporter from submitting multiple transactions over the Per Transaction Maximum.

Future Pledge Upgrade

Allow donors to make future pledges by adding a Date to the Future Pledge Upgrade field.

When a donor opts into the Future Pledge Upgrade, their donation will be withdrawn on the future date set within the Builder.

When the Future Pledge Upgrade is selected, a donation will be submitted successfully at the time of submission based on the donor's donation amount entered on the Donation Page. This donation is separate from the donation associated with the Future Pledge Upgrade.

Apply a call-to-action message to encourage supporters to pledge their future gift!

Note: Once the Date set for the Future Pledge Upgrade has passed, the option to make a future pledge will be removed from the public donation page.

If needed, you can reset the Date within the Finance>Amounts tab of the Builder.


You can assign one or multiple Funds to a single Donation Page within the Funds tab of the Builder.

Funds allow you to designate donations for unique purposes, even if those Funds are being transferred to the same bank account.

If you have a single General Fund that all donations should be allocated to, you will not need to make any changes to the Funds tab.

If you'd like to connect multiple Funds to a Donation Page, you will first need to create your new Fund within your account's Settings>Finance>Funds tab.

Note: Be sure to click Publish before exiting the Builder to save customizations that were applied in other areas of the Builder.

Once you have created your Funds within Settings>Finance>Funds, return to the Builder and access the Finance>Funds tab to customize and add additional fields.

To add additional Funds, click the + Add fund button under Visible or Shown in Dropdown.

Add Disclaimer

Add your organization's Disclaimer within the Settings>Finance>Funds tab of your fundraising account.

To add a Disclaimer to your Fund:

  1. Access the Settings>Finance>Funds tab from the main menu in your account Dashboard

  2. Next, hover over the Fund Name

  3. Click View

  4. Within the Fund Editor, scroll down to the Fund Disclaimer field

  5. Apply your Disclaimer

  6. Click Save

Once the Disclaimer has been saved to the Fund, the Disclaimer will automatically populate on your Action Pages.


Access the Finance>Payments tab to adjust the available Payment Methods for your Donation Page and enable the Donor Covers Fee feature.

The following payment methods are available for all fundraising accounts:

To remove a payment method type from your Donation Page, uncheck the box to the left of the listed payment method.

Donor Covers Fees

The Donor Covers Fees feature allows donors to increase their total donation amount to assist in covering the processing fee associated with their donation. This allows the organization to receive the total intended gift amount.

The Donor Covers Fees feature can be managed within the Finance>Payment tab in the Action Page Builder.

When the Donor Covers Fees feature has been enabled by the organization and is utilized by your donors, the fee amount covered by the donor will be made available within the Finance>Transactions tab in your account and within exports.
When the donor has opted to cover the processing fee, the fee will show in gray with a Person icon for easy identification within the Finance>Transactions tab.

The fees covered by the donor will appear as $0.00 when reviewing transactions within the Finance>Entries tab.

Image 1 represents the Finance>Transactions tab, and Image 2 represents the Finance>Entries tab.

Disclaimer: If a refund is issued on a transaction where the donor covered the processing fees, the total amount of the transaction paid by the donor is returned. The organization is then responsible for the total donation amount and fees. Click here to learn more about Refunds.

Disclaimer for Political Organizations: Before enabling the Donor Covers Fees feature for a Political fundraising account, we recommend consulting with a compliance officer. Utilizing the feature may cause complications regarding reporting and donation limits.

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