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A Submission is created each time a supporter submits a response to a Donation or Lead Page.

Submissions include both successful and unsuccessful donation attempts.

To review your submission data, access the Actions Pages>Submissions tab within your fundraising account.
To review the submissions from a single Action Page, access the Action Pages>Pages tab. Next, hover over the page that you would like to view submissions for, then click Actions>View Submissions.

Disclaimer: If you would like to review donation data specifically, it is recommended to view the data in the Finance>Transactions tab instead.

View and Export Submissions

Once you have accessed your Submissions, use the Search Bar to search for donor records or click the Export CSV button in the upper right corner to download the Submission data.

Note: Individual Submission records cannot be viewed within Anedot at this time.

Within the Submissions Export, you will find the following data:

Column Headers


Action Page ID

Action Page ID

Action Page Name

Action Page Name


Submission ID

First Name

First Name

Middle Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Last Name


Title (aka: prefix, salutation)






Phone number

Address Line 1

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Address Line 2






Postal code/Zip code



Source Code*

Source code

IP Address

IP address for the submission


Action Page URL for the submission

Referrer To Form

The page that referred the Action Page

Communications Consent Email

Communication consent given for email (True = Yes, False = No)

Communications Consent Phone

Communication consent given for phone (True = Yes, False = No)

Currently Employed

Currently employed (True = Yes, False = No)

Employer Name

Employer name


Occupation (job title)


Organization name (for donations submitted as a business or PAC)

Created At

Submission created at timestamp

Donation ID

Corresponding donation's UID

Anedot Fees

Corresponding donation's Anedot processing fees

Vendor Markup

Corresponding donation's Vendor fees (sum of all vendor markup fees)

Net Amount

Corresponding donation's net amount

Gross Amount

Corresponding donation's gross amount

Product Code

Corresponding GOAA product's internal SKU

Product ID

Corresponding GOAA product's ID

Product Name

Corresponding GOAA product's name

Product Value

Corresponding GOAA product's value

Fund Internal ID

Corresponding donation's Fund Internal ID (configured in Settings>Finance>Funds)

Fund Name

Corresponding donation's Fund Name (configured in Settings>Finance>Funds)


Custom field responses (header is the field's internal name; cell value is the field response for that submission)

Utm Campaign

UTM campaign

Utm Content

UTM content

Utm Medium

UTM medium

Utm Source

UTM source

Utm Term

UTM term


Is the submission a future pledge? (True = Yes, False = No)

Pledge Capture Date

Future pledge capture date (shown in account time zone)

Donor Covered Fees

Did the donor cover fees? (True = Yes, False = No)

Donor Covered Fees Amount

Fee covered by donor

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