Apple Pay
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Apple Pay is a streamlined way to pay on Apple devices using a Safari web browser. Apple Pay is available for all Anedot customers. No additional effort needed!

We handle things like "SDK," encryption, Content-Security-Policy settings, and enablement so you can focus on your supporters!

Apple Pay will automatically appear on your donation forms where available.

A donor may only access Apple Pay successfully when:

  • Using an Apple device (iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone)

  • Using Safari as the Internet browser

  • Apple Pay is enabled on the personal device

Submission Error using Apple Pay: If a donor is having trouble successfully submitting their donation using Apple Pay, it is possible that their Apple Pay account is missing required data. The following data will need to be set up in the donor's Apple Pay account to submit a successful donation using Apple Pay as the payment method:

  • First and Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Address

If you would like to disable Apple Pay for your account, you may do so in the Action Page Builder on the Finance>Payment tab.

Apple Pay FAQ's

  1. Do I need to do anything to enable Apple on my account?
    Nope! Apple Pay is enabled by default. If you would like to disable Apple Pay, access the Finance>Payments tab within the Action Page Builder.

  2. Who will see the option for Apple?
    Anyone on a Safari web browser who has not previously donated or has donated but does not have a DonorID will see the option to use Apple Pay. If someone has previously donated with a credit card, a donation through Anedot's DonorID will still be the quickest way to give.

  3. I do not see Apple Pay as an option on some forms. Why is that?
    For security purposes, Apple Pay functions in standalone hosted forms. Due to several technical and security implications, most providers will not allow these options via embedded forms (iFrames).

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