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Bitcoin (secured by OpenNode) is now available as a payment method with Action Pages๐ŸŽ‰!

Note: Bitcoin is only available upon request. Please contact our Support team here if you would like to offer Bitcoin as a payment method for your supporters.

When Bitcoin is enabled as a payment method, it will only be available to supporters who are not logged in to their DonorID. Once the donation amount has been entered, supporters may select Bitcoin from Express Checkout.

When all required fields on the donation page have been completed, supporters will then click the Bitcoin button at the bottom of the donation page. They will redirected to OpenNode to complete their donation.

Following the successful submission, supporters will be directed to a Confirmation Page and receive an email receipt to confirm the completion of their donation.

Disclaimer: Anedot is not able to void, refund, or similarly alter Bitcoin transactions. If a return of funds is needed for a contribution paid via Bitcoin, organizations will need to issue refunds outside of Anedot.
Donors who pay via Bitcoin will be aware of the conversion total from Bitcoin to USD at the point of submission. The organization will only record the USD contribution amount received as the conversion from Bitcoin to USD has already occurred.

โ€‹Bitcoin cannot be used for recurring donations, as the exchange rate is subject to change. If a donor selects recurring and pays via Bitcoin, the transaction will be processed as a one-time gift.

Learn more about Bitcoin here!


Underpayments occur when a donor may have accidentally not entered enough Bitcoin to complete the donation. This often happens when there are bitcoin network fees for on-chain Bitcoin transactions or when a donor pays from a cryptocurrency exchange.
When this happens, the Anedot team will send an email through our Bitcoin processor OpenNode.
When an underpayment occurs, one of three things will happen:

  1. Payment Completed - The donor clicks the "Complete payment" link and completes the payment.

  2. Request a Refund - The donor clicks the "Request a refund" link and gets a refund.

  3. Anedot Accepts Underpayment - We accept the underpayment and adjust the donation amount in the system to reflect the decrease.

You can check out OpenNode's help article to learn more about Underpayments.

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