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Refunds and Voids
Refunds and Voids
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Voids: Processing fees are returned if a void is issued before 8 PM EST on the same day the transaction was processed.

Refunds/Partial Refund: We do not charge to process a refund, but Card Associations (Visa, MasterCard, etc) and PayPal never refund processing fees, so while there are no additional fees to refund, the cost associated with the transaction has already occurred. The donor will receive the full donation amount back to their original payment method and the account will be responsible for the initial processing fees of the transaction.
If a refund is issued on a transaction where the supporter covered the fees, via the Donor Covers Fee feature, the total amount of the transaction is returned to the supporter. The account is then responsible for the total fees.
If a refund cannot be processed via Anedot, the account will need to issue the refund to the donor via check or another form of payment.

Note: Direct Debit (ACH/eCheck) transactions must be refunded by Anedot staff.
A refund cannot be issued on an ACH transaction until 8 days have passed from the original submission date. This ensures that the donor's funds have cleared and were successfully received by Anedot.
For further assistance in issuing a refund, please contact our Support team here.

Issue a Refund or Void

To issue a refund or void a transaction:

  1. Access the Finance>Transactions tab from the main menu bar within your account dashboard

  2. Hover over the donor name with your cursor

  3. Click Actions>View

  4. The View Transaction drawer will open on the right side of your page

  5. Access the Refund or Void button in the lower left corner of the View Transaction drawer

  6. Once refunded or voided, the transaction status will update in real-time and can be viewed within your Transaction records.

Note: Voids can no longer be issued after 8pm EST on the same day the transaction was processed.

Note: Refunds for ACH transactions can only be issued by Anedot staff. Please contact our Support team here for further assistance!

Disclaimer: Anedot is not able to void, refund, or similarly alter Bitcoin transactions. If a return of funds is needed for a contribution paid via Bitcoin, organizations will need to issue refunds outside of Anedot.

Negative Balances

If a refund is issued when no funds are available in your Anedot account balance, this creates a negative balance. If new donations are received to cover the negative balance amount, the balance will be cleared automatically and no action is needed.

If new donations are not received, Anedot will debit the bank account on file to clear the negative balance amount.

If you are refunding donations in preparation for closing your fundraising account or the associated bank account, please notify our Support team here.

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