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Complete Onboarding with Action Pages
Complete Onboarding with Action Pages
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Get started building your first Donation Page and set up an SMS Keyword by completing Onboarding to start fundraising ASAP!

Onboarding is quick and simple! From your account Dashboard, click the red Complete Onboarding with Action Pages button. Within Onboarding, you will customize the following:

  • Account URL Slug

  • SMS Keyword Click here to learn more!

  • Timezone

  • Logo

  • Payment Methods

  • Donor Covers Fees Click here to learn more!

  • Form Requirements (Employment, Disclaimer, Etc.)

  • Invite Users

Once completed, a Share URL, QR Code, and SMS Keyword and Phone Number will be provided.

The Share URL can be used to connect your Donation Page to your website, social media, emails, and texts.

Reminder: Donors will not log in to Anedot to access your Donation Page. You will need to share your Donation Page publicly with your donors on a website, social media, emails, or texts.

Initial Setup

Within the Initial Setup tab of Onboarding, you may customize the following:

  • Account URL Slug

    • The Account URL Slug is what makes your fundraising account links unique.

    • Use lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens to customize your Account URL Slug.

    • Example URL (Text in bold is the Account URL Slug):

  • SMS Keyword

    • Create an SMS Keyword to utilize our free text-to-give feature called SMS Actions.

    • Use lowercase letters and numbers. Spaces, hyphens, periods, and uppercase letters are not accepted.

  • Timezone

    • Customize your account timezone to show the accurate time stamp for your financial data.

Brand Setup

Within the Brand tab of Onboarding, you can complete the following:

  • Logo

    • To upload your organization's Logo, click the Upload tab.

    • If you do not have a Logo for your organization yet, select the Generate tab to create a custom logo. This logo can be removed or replaced within the Builder.

  • Brand Color

    • Customize your Action Color by entering a custom color code, or use the color meter to select a color.

    • The Action Color is used for the Preset Amount and Donate buttons.

Finance Setup

Within the Finance tab of Onboarding, you can complete the following:

  • Payment Method Settings

    • To disable a payment method type, uncheck the blue box next to the individual payment method.

    • Anedot Express Checkout allows donors who have a DonorID set up to sign in easily. Their DonorID data will then autofill on the donation form for a faster checkout experience.

  • Donor Covers Fees

    • The Donor Covers Fee feature allows the donor to cover the full processing fee associated with an individual transaction. This allows the organization to receive the full donation amount.

    • For political organizations, we recommend verifying with a compliance officer or your state laws to confirm your organization is legally able to utilize this feature.

Requirements Setup

Within the Requirements tab of Onboarding, you can adjust the Form Requirements to customize the data collected through your Donation Page. Review the following for further details:

  • Default Fields

    • By default, First and Last Name, Email, Phone (optional), and Address are required fields for all Donation Page submissions.

    • First and Last Name, Email, and Address fields cannot be removed from Donation Pages.

    • If needed, the Phone field can be removed within the Builder under the Form tab.

  • Address Label

    • Use the Address Label dropdown to customize the address type required on your Donation Page.

    • Address, Mailing Address, and Residential Address are available as Address Labels.

  • Employment Fields

    • To collect Employment details, check the box for Occupation, Employer, and Employer Address based on compliance needs.

    • Note: Enabling these fields will set them as Optional on the Donation Page. To set the fields as required, access the Form tab within the Builder.

  • General Fund Disclaimer

    • Add a custom Disclaimer within the General Fund Disclaimer field.

    • The Disclaimer added will appear in the footer of your Donation Pages.

    • This field can be skipped.

    • To add a Disclaimer once you have completed Onboarding, access the Settings>Finance>Funds tab within your account.

Invite Users

Within the Invite Users tab of Onboarding, you can complete the following:

  • Invite Team Members

    • Click Continue if you do not need to add additional users to the account.

    • Reminder: All users who need access to the account must be invited with their personal email address. It is against Anedot's Terms of Service to share login credentials. Sharing login credentials can create a security risk for your fundraising account.

All systems go!

By completing Onboarding successfully, your first Donation Page has been created for you.

  • View Donation Page

    • Click the blue View Donation Page button to review what your Donation Page looks like and to ensure all data needed for compliance will be collected successfully.

  • Copy Page URL

    • Click Copy Page URL to access your Donation Page Share URL.

    • This link can be used to connect your Donation Page to your website and social media and can be included in texts and emails.

    • Reminder: Donors can only access your Donation Page if you have shared it publicly.

  • Download QR Code

    • Hover over the QR Code image to download.

    • Note: The Anedot logo cannot be removed from the QR Code. If the QR Code image is altered in any way, the code will no longer work.

  • Text-to-give

    • Click the Copy Text button to copy your SMS Keyword and Phone number provided by Anedot.

  • Access Account

    • Click the Access Account button to access your account Dashboard.

To locate your Share URL, QR Code, or SMS Keywords in the future within your fundraising account, check out the Sharing Your Action Page guide below for further instructions!

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