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Standard: 4% + 30¢ 

per transaction (processing included)

Lower rates are available for churches and 501(c)(3) non-profits. Please send us a chat here, email, or send us a text 225-250-1301 to learn more.

We do not charge setup, monthly or ongoing fees for standard Anedot accounts. There are no fees for using the platform beyond processing.

Fee Schedule

Percentage             4%

Per Transaction      $0.30

Setup                       $0

Monthly                   $0

Chargebacks           $15 per incident

ACH Returns           $2 per incident

Voids                        Fees are returned if a void is made before 8 PM Eastern.

Refunds                   We do not charge for refunds, but Card Associations (Visa, MasterCard, etc) and PayPal never refund transaction fees so while there are no fees to refund, the cost associated with the transaction already has occurred. Click here to learn more about refunds.

No Contracts. No Hidden costs. Pay as you raise. :)

Transaction fees automatically are deducted from your account per transaction. The remaining funds are deposited into your bank account(s).

Click here to learn more about Deposits.


If you have any questions about pricing, please contact us at