How does Anedot work?
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Anedot is both a payment processor and a donation platform. We offer custom Donation and Lead Pages (Action Pages), powerful reporting tools (Finance), and integrations to make it easy for you to raise money!

With Anedot, you do not need to sign up for separate merchant accounts with a credit card company or PayPal. We take care of everything!

Setting up a fundraising account is free. (Really. No strings attached!) You only pay as you raise when a donation is processed. Fees are withdrawn automatically, and funds are transferred from your Anedot account directly to your bank account via ACH transfers. We offer automatic transfer deposit schedules every 2, 7, or 30 days based on your needs. If you have multiple bank accounts, we've got you covered! Within your fundraising account, you can self-serve where your funds are transferred and when.

While we’re great at many things, we do not fundraise on behalf of organizations. So, we offer many ways for you to share your donation pages with share URLs, QR codes, and text-to-give keywords. Anedot is here to make fundraising easy, personal, and secure.

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