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ACH Transactions (E-Check)
ACH Transactions (E-Check)
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Anedot can help you process physical checks through our platform using Automated Clearing-House (ACH) transactions. There are no limits on the number of transactions per day or dollar amount. Anedot ACH transactions work for every bank.

In compliance with NACHA regulations, Anedot does require bank account verification for some ACH donations. This is done to prevent fraud, potential chargebacks, and ACH Returns.

ACH is enabled as a default payment method on Anedot. You may turn it off at the account settings or page finance overrides level.

Anedot cannot accept money directly from overseas bank accounts at this time. Please encourage international donors to give by credit card.

ACH Returns

An ACH Return may occur when a donor submits a donation using ACH (Bank Draft) as their payment method.

A donation submitted via ACH (Bank Draft) typically takes 8 days to clear. As a courtesy, Anedot provides a credit to the organization for the transactions amount, pending the completed processing for the transaction.

It is possible that an ACH donation may not clear or process successfully. When an ACH donation does not process successfully, this is called an ACH Return.

The most common reasons for an ACH Return are a dispute from the donor, insufficient funds, or incorrect bank account details.

If the account does receive an ACH Return, the following will occur:

  • The organization will be sent an email notifying the organization of the ACH Return (if you are not receiving notifications from Anedot, check out the Notifications guide below)

  • The donor will receive an email notifying them of their unsuccessful donation

  • The donation will be returned to Anedot as the funds provided to the organization were a credit pending the processing time for the ACH donation

  • A $2 ACH Return fee will be charged to the organization

If you have further questions, please contact our Support team here.

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