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Viewing your account activity is made simple with Entries. Entries provides a chronological ledger of your financial activity. In Entries, you will find individual transactions, refund and void events, and batched transfers.

Tip: Entries is best used to reconcile transfers made to the bank account on file.
To manage data and view the Gross, Fees, and Net Amounts, we recommend utilizing the Transactions tab.

Within Entries, you can access the following:

  1. Filter: Filter your donations by date, page, name, address, and more. When you filter the donations, you may export just the filtered information as opposed to all of the information in your database.

  2. Import: Use the Bulk Import Tool to process bulk donations.

  3. Export: You can export your data to CSV or PDF

    1. CSV: Exporting in CSV format will allow you to download and access your donor data within an Excel/Numbers spreadsheet. If further filtering of data is needed, we recommend exporting to CSV.

    2. PDF Detailed: The detailed format allows you to look at each donation individually in a format that looks very similar to a receipt.

    3. PDF Summary: This gives you a summary of all of your data over a period of time.

  4. Downloads: Once you are done exporting, you can find your export inside the Downloads area.

  5. New Transaction: If you have collected a check or other information and need to enter it into Anedot, click the New Transaction button. You will be redirected to the Virtual Terminal to internally process the donation.

  6. View Transactions/Transfers: When you hover over a donation or transfer, you can click to view them individually.

  7. View Balance: When you filter by donations, you can see your balance in the upper left-hand corner. Note: The balance will clear with each transfer created.


Filter Donations

Filter your donations by date, page, name, address, and more. When you filter the donations, you may export just the filtered information instead of all the information in your database. Here's how to filter your donations:

  1. Click the Filter Button

  2. Enter your filter data points

  3. Click Apply Filters

  4. Click X in the upper right corner to hide filters

  5. Click Clear Filters to start a new search

Filter Fields


  • All Pages: All pages will be included in the filtered data

  • Include Pages: Select the pages you would like to include in your filtered data

  • Exclude Pages: Select the pages you would like excludes from your filtered data


  • Transfer ID: Locate the transfer ID on the Finance>Transfers tab

Show Recurring:

  • Filter by recurring commitments

Transaction Type:

  • Donations: Filter by donation records only

  • Withdrawals: Filter by transfers

  • Credits and fees: Filter by chargeback and ACH return fees

View Transactions/Transfers

To view the transactions associated with an individual transfer, hover over the transfer record and click Actions>Filter by this transfer.

Hover over an individual donation record to View and Print the transaction details, or initiate a Void/Refund.

View Balance

The Account Balance can be located in the upper left corner of the Entries tab. This balance will clear with each transfer.

To view an accurate representation of your total account gross, fees, and net, access the Finance>Transactions tab.

Note: The Account Balance on your fundraising account's Dashboard is an estimate and does not account for Voids, Refunds, Chargebacks, or ACH Returns. For accurate account totals, review the Finance>Transactions tab.

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