Account Closure
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When a campaign has ended or an organization is no longer actively accepting donations, Anedot allows you to close the account.
This is to ensure the account information stays secure and you don't receive any unexpected contributions. You may request to reactivate a closed account at any time.
Before a fundraising account can be closed, the account balance will need to be cleared. We are unable to hold an available balance. For negative balances, Anedot will need to be made whole. It is the responsibility of the account Owner to settle the account before closure, as agreed to in the initial application process.

Please read the section below that best represents your account prior to closing out the bank account associated with your fundraising account.

Funds are available in my account and need to be transferred

If there are funds available in the Anedot account and you want to receive the funds before closure, please contact us at [email protected]. We are able to initiate a transfer to the bank account on file.

Before requesting an account closure, please retrieve your financial data from the account by exporting within the Finance>Transaction tab.

Funds are available in my account, but we are unable to accept them

If there are funds available in the Anedot account, but they cannot be transferred to the bank account or accepted by the organization, you may refund the donations. If you do not see the option to refund a transaction, please contact us at [email protected] and provide the transaction information.

When issuing a refund, the original processing fee is non-refundable. The full amount is returned to the donor and the organization is responsible for covering the processing fee for the refunded transaction. This may create a negative balance in the Anedot account.

As an alternative to refunding the transaction in full, you may issue a partial refund excluding the processing fees. If this route is chosen, we suggest confirming with the donor that this is acceptable. Once a partial refund is issued on a transaction, no further refunds can be issued. If a follow-up refund was requested, the organization would need to issue the remaining refund via check.

Once the account balance is cleared, please email [email protected] to notify us of the account closure. Our team will then proceed with the account closure and send a confirmation.

Before requesting an account closure, please retrieve your financial data from the account by exporting within the Finance>Transaction tab.

There is a negative balance on my account

If there is a negative balance on your Anedot account, please contact our Support team here for assistance.

If the bank account on file is still open with funds available, our team will be able to create a debit from the bank account to cover the negative balance in your Anedot fundraising account.

If the bank account on file has been closed, Anedot is able to accept payment electronically or by check.

Electronic Payment:

To cover the negative balance via electronic payment, please use the following payment link: ​

We request that you then contact our Support team directly to ensure the account balance has been cleared.

Pay by Check:

When paying by Check, please make the check payable to 'Anedot Inc.' and include your organization's name in the memo.

The check can then be mailed to:

1201 W Peachtree St NW Ste 2625
PMB 43460

Atlanta, Georgia 30309-3499

Once the check has been mailed, please notify our Support team here and provide the date the check was mailed and the total.

My account balance is clear, I would like to close the account

Once your fundraising account balance is clear and all data has been retrieved, please send an email request to [email protected] to close out your account. The request must come from the account Owner/Principal. Our team will follow up with a confirmation of successful account closure.

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