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Virtual Terminal
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The Virtual Terminal allows you to securely enter donations made offline without worrying about donor data saving to your web browser.

Using the Virtual Terminal, you can process credit card and bank donations. You may also enter check, cash, in-kind, and offline cards for record-keeping purposes.

Note: Check, cash, in-kind, and offline card entries will not affect the balance of your account. Non-balance affecting donation records can be edited after submission.

Within the Virtual Terminal, you may also utilize the Process Date feature. This feature allows you to enter a past, present, or future date for the individual donation record.

  • When a past date is entered, this date will be used for record-keeping purposes only. If the payment method is credit card or bank draft, the transaction will be processed the same day it is submitted through the Virtual Terminal.

  • Present dates should only be utilized for check, cash, in-kind, or offline donations. When processing a credit card or bank draft donation, leave this field blank to process at the point of submission.

  • When a future date is entered, upon submission, only a Submission record will be available in the Action Pages tab. Once the donation processes successfully on the future date, the transaction record will become available in the Transactions tab.

Check out the following guide for further instructions on how to view the Future Pledges within the Submission Export: Submissions

Tip: When processing payment methods that require a PIN, the donor will need to contact their credit card company or bank directly to authorize Anedot as an approved merchant.


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