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Filter Donation Data
Filter Donation Data
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Need to pull a specific report? Filter your donations by date, page, name, address, and more!

To apply a filter to your data:

  1. Click the Filter button

  2. Enter the data points you would like to filter by

  3. Click Apply Filters

  4. Click X in the upper right corner to hide filters

  5. Click Clear Filters to start a new search

Note: Once you have clicked Apply Filters once, you can close the Filter menu. The filter has been applied successfully.

Filter Fields


  • All Pages: All pages will be included in the filtered data

  • Include Pages: Select the pages you would like to include in your filtered data

  • Exclude Pages: Select the pages you would like excludes from your filtered data


  • Pending, Processing, Declined, and Settling are automatically excluded from the data that appears in your list of Transactions. You can enabled these Status fields to view unsuccessful transactions. For further information regarding a failed donation, please contact our team here.


  • Match Any: By selecting Match Any, any transaction that was processed through a page including the selected tags will be applied to the filter.

  • Match All: By selecting Match All, only transactions that have been processed through pages with all matching tags will be pulled with the filter.


  • Transfer ID: Locate the transfer ID on the Finance>Transfers tab

Show Recurring

  • Filter by recurring commitments

Transaction Type

  • Donations: Filter by donation records only

  • Withdrawals: Filter by transfers

  • Credits and fees: Filter by chargeback and ACH return fees

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