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Download your financial data in CSV or PDF format to easily analyze and import data for reporting.

Exports can be initiated with the Transactions and Entries tabs of Finance.

Disclaimer: When exporting from the Finance>Transactions tab, withdrawals (transfers) will be excluded from the report.

To include withdrawals in the report, initiate the Export from the Finance>Entries tab.

Initiating an Export from the Transactions and Entries tab can be performed in the same way.

To create an Export:

  1. Click the Export button in the upper right corner of the tab you are visiting

  2. Select the Export Type (to learn more about Export types, review the guides below!)

  3. Click the blue Export button

  4. The Export file will load and a Download button will become available

  5. Click Download

  6. Save the file to your device

Once saved, you can open the file from your device.


This format includes full transaction details. Use CSV to export your data into an Excel/Numbers spreadsheet. This format is ideal for when you need to customize the data or upload the information into another system for reporting.

Note: Changes to the columns within Transactions will not be reflected in the CSV Exports.

Columns cannot be removed from the CSV export within Anedot. Columns can only be removed/customized in Excel/Numbers.

Address Verification Service (AVS) Result Codes

The Address Verification Service (AVS) is provided by payment card providers (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) to help determine whether or not a match or partial match of a donor's address information is achieved.

AVS Results are given as single-letter codes. Below are some of the AVS results you may see when Exporting a CSV file on the Transactions page within your Anedot account:

  • (A) Street address matches, but 5-digit and 9-digit postal code do not match.

  • (C/Z) Post-code Matched; Address not Matched

  • (D) Street address and postal code match.

  • (F) Address Matched; Post-code not Matched

  • (J) Post-code and Address not Matched

  • (N) Street address and postal code do not match.

  • (Y) A street address and 5-digit postal code match.

Address Verification Service (AVS) Response

Anedot asks for the zip code associated with the credit card being used to make the contribution but does NOT ask the contributor for the billing address (if different from the residential address provided by the contributor) of the credit card being used to make the contribution.

The merchant account processor uses an Address Verification System (“AVS”) to verify the credit card information with the contributor’s bank, and the transaction will be completed even if the residential address provided by the contributor does not match the billing address on file with the contributor’s bank for that particular credit card. If the AVS code indicates that there is no address match, the organization will need to follow up with the contributor to verify, via a written statement, to address the discrepancy between the claimed residential address and the billing address before qualification can be granted.

CVV Code and Message

CSV Exports will report the following for CVV Data:

M = Match
= No Match

If No Match is shown, this could mean that the CVV entered by the donor may not match what the card issuer has on file, or the donor entered the correct CVV for the transaction, but the card issuer did not verify it.

A mismatch of the CVV data does not always prevent a transaction from processing.

CVV Code and Message Data may not be available for some transactions for the following reasons:

  • The card company did not provide us with a response.

  • An international card was used for payment.

  • The CVV system was temporarily unavailable during processing.

PDF Detailed

This format includes full transaction details. The detailed format allows you to look at each donation individually in a format that is similar to a receipt. This will download a one-page record per transaction and is ideal when printing the records is necessary.

PDF Summary

This format includes a brief overview of transaction details, including the transaction date, donor name, amount and fees. This is ideal for when you need a quick summary of your transaction data for printing, event lists or record keeping.

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