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Transactions may be used to track and manage individual donations and create exports of donor data.

  1. Account Balance: View your available Account Balance here. The Account Balance is cleared with each outgoing Transfer.

  2. Import: Import past donations and recurring commitments using the CSV template provided within the Import tool.

  3. Export: You can export your data to CSV or PDF.

    • CSV: With CSV format, you can customize the columns you want in your spreadsheet and export them.

    • PDF Detailed: The detailed format allows you to look at each donation individually in a format that looks very similar to a receipt.

    • PDF Summary: This gives you a summary of all of your data over a period of time.

  4. Downloads: Access your Export Downloads here.

  5. New Transaction: Click New Transaction to process internal transactions using the Virtual Terminal.

  6. Edit Columns: This feature allows you to remove or re-order the data columns included in the Transactions. To learn more, check out the guide below.

  7. Filter: Filter your data by Page, Date, Transfer ID, Contact Details, Payment Details, Transaction Origin, Transaction Source, and Analytics. Click 'Apply Filters' to initiate your search. Click the 'X' in the upper right corner to exit the Filter menu.

  8. Organization/Business/PAC Icon: This icon represents a gift submitted by an Organization, Business, or PAC.

  9. Recurring Gift Icon: This icon represents a recurring gift from a donor.

  10. Donor Paid Fees Icon: The Donor Paid Fees icon represents the fee covered by the donor. When the donor covers the fee, it will be grayed out with a strike. To learn more about the Donor Pays Fee feature, click here.

  11. Running Balance: View your account's Gross Amount, Fees, Vendor Fees, and Net Amount within your Running Balance.

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