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Within the Design tab of the Builder, you can manage the design elements, add content blocks such as Text, Images, and Video, and enable features like Exit Intent and Impact.


Within the Design>Content tab, you can adjust the Header, add a background image and content blocks, place a custom footer, and edit the page layout.


Edit the Header within the Design>Content tab to apply a Title to your page.

We recommend applying a Title if you do not currently have a Logo available.

To add a Title to your page:

  1. Hover over Header>Logo

  2. Click the Pencil icon to edit

  3. Next, enable the Show Title toggle

  4. Enter custom text you would like displayed as the Title (The Display Name for your account is automatically applied in this field)

  5. Adjust the Alignment

  6. Click Done in the upper right corner of the Header Editor

Note: If you do have a Logo available, access the Design>Brand tab to add your logo. For logos or additional images applied to the Action Page, we recommend uploading images that are at least 450 pixels wide.

Body Section

Add additional content blocks within the Body Section of your Action Page within the Design>Content tab. The following blocks are available:

  • Text: Use the Text block to add a custom message to your page.

  • Image: The following files are supported: JPG, PNG, and GIF

  • Video: The following links are supported: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Rumble

    • Rumble: To apply a video hosted by Rumble to your page, utilize the Embed iFrame URL from Rumble to link your video to your Anedot page.

  • Divider: This can be used as a page break or as a design element.

  • Impact: Encourage giving and show your supporters the impact of their gifts.

    Within the Design>Content tab of the Builder, add an Impact block to your Donation Page by clicking the + icon to the right of Body Section, then select Impact from the dropdown menu.

    You can also apply an Impact block by clicking the + Add Block button within the display on the right side of the Builder. Next, select Impact from the dropdown menu.

    Customize the text for the Contribution and Impact caption fields, and add the amount you would like the donor's donation multiplied by.

Disclaimer: This feature is for visual purposes only and will not impact the donation amount processed.

  • Timer: With the Timer block, you can set a deadline or countdown to encourage support from your donors.

    • Setting a deadline or countdown using the Timer block does not disable the Action Page once the timer has run out. The timer will be set to zero. You will need to manually remove the Timer or update the deadline or countdown.


Add additional details to the Footer of your Action Page by editing the Custom Footer field within the Design>Content tab.

To add a Custom Footer to your Action Page:

  • Hover over the Footer>Custom Footer field

  • Click the Pencil icon to edit

  • A Text Editor will become available in the display on the right

  • Add your custom text

  • Click Done in the upper right corner of the Text Editor

Tip: If you want a disclaimer added to every page, that should be applied at the Fund level within your account's Settings>Finance>Funds tab.

Background Image

Add a Background Image within the Page block of the Design>Content tab. Use the Image Scale to adjust the layout of the Background Image.

Pro Tip: 1920 x 1080 or greater resolution for entire page backgrounds is optimal. The option you select to fill the background will resize your image.

Disclaimer: When placing a Background Image, the display within the Builder will not show an example of the changes you've made. Publish your page to view the public-facing page. Once you have published the page, copy your Share URL and open the link in a new tab in your browser.

Page Layout

Within Design>Content, adjust your Page Layout by selecting the following:

Page Layout:

  • 1-Column

  • 2-Column

Form Position:

  • Left

  • Center

  • Right

Form Presentations:

  • Stacked (Default)

  • Stepped

Selecting the 2-Column layout will apply content blocks such as additional Images, Videos, Text, and Impact to the column on the left. The right-hand column will include Preset Amounts, Form Fields, and payment details.

By selecting Stepped under Form Presentation, the Amount Presets, Form Fields, and payment details will be available in a stepped format. Amount Presets and Express Checkout will be available on the first step. Form Fields will be available in the second step, and payment details can be entered and submitted in the third step.

Tip: When customizing your Page Layout within the builder, you will need to Publish your edits, then copy your Share URL and open the link in a new tab in your browser to view the look of the public page. The builder will not display the Page Layout edits.

Example: Single-Column, Center Position, Stepped

Exit Intent

Access the Design>Content tab of the Builder to enable the Exit Intent feature.
By enabling the Exit Intent feature for your Action Page, a popup will appear when a supporter attempts to exit the page before completing their submission.
Customize the Exit Intent content by adding a Title, Image or GIF, and a custom Message.

Tip: When the Exit Intent feature is enabled on an Action Page, an ?exitIntent=true URL parameter will be added to the URL for tracking purposes. This parameter will only be passed when a supporter interacts with the Exit Intent feature and makes a successful submission.

​You can locate this data within the CSV export under the Referrer to Form URL column or in the Referrer field included in your data relays to your connected integrations.


Within the Design>Brand tab, you can add a Logo, adjust the Color Scheme, and set default Type Settings.


Add a Logo to your Action Page within the Design>Brand tab.

To add a Logo, you can Drag + Drop an image into the Logo uploader or click Browse to select the image from your computer.

Tip: If you have already uploaded an image to your fundraising account, click Browse to access the Media Manager. The images you have previously used will be available for use.

Once you have placed your Logo, choose Fill or Custom to adjust the sizing.

Fill will expand the image to fill out the entire Header block.

Custom sizing allows you to adjust the sizing manually. When Customing sizing is set, we automatically add padding to your Logo. 16px is added horizontally, and 8px is added vertically.

Disclaimer: Currently, the Logo Link URL field is inactive. Our team is working on enhancements for this feature.


Set custom Colors to match your organization's theme within the Design>Brand tab.

Text: The Text color selected will be the default color for Text Blocks added to the Action Page. Within the Text Block editor, the color can be edited further.

Action Button: The Action Button color will affect the Preset Amount buttons and Donate/Submit button at the bottom of the Action Page

Background: If a Background Image is not added to the Action Page, the color set will be used to fill the background.

Header Background: If the logo applied to the Brand does not fill the whole Header block, the Header Background color will fill behind the logo.

If you would like access to the Pro features, please contact our Support team here.

Type Settings

The Type Settings set within the Design>Brand tab will affect the Text Blocks on the Action Page.

You may make adjustments to the following:

  • Body

  • Header (H1)

  • Header (H2)

  • Header (H3-H6)

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