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Access the Workflows tab within the Builder to enable Upgrades, Abandoned Actions, and customize Receipts.


The Upgrade feature enables organizations to encourage recurring gifts and support for additional fundraising efforts by applying Pre-conversion and Post-conversion Upgrades to their donation pages.

With Pre-conversion Upgrades, you can ask your supporters to commit to a monthly donation for a percentage of their initial one-time gift before making a successful submission.

Post-conversion Upgrades allow you to redirect your supporters to another Action Page after they have made their initial submission.

To set up Upgrades, access the Workflows>Upgrade tab within the page builder.

Pre-Conversion Upgrades

To get started creating a Pre-conversion Upgrade, click Add pre-conversion recurring from the Upgrade Workflow list, then click + Create New.

You will be redirected to the Pre-conversion Upgrade editor where you can customize the Body Text, Accept Action Button, Decline Action Button, and Variables.

Tip: For recurring upgrades, we recommend customizing the Accept and Decline Action Button Text fields to reaffirm what the donor is opting into before making a selection.

Popup Recurring Ask ({{ask}}): This is the percentage of the initial amount selected by the donor that will be presented in the popup ask as a monthly commitment.

Minimum pop-up recurring ask: This field allows you to set a minimum recurring commitment amount. This is helpful when donors give smaller dollar donations in their original submission.

Maximum recurring amount: Set a maximum recurring amount. Any calculated ask greater than this set amount will not be shown. Donors will not be shown the recurring upgrade. Their one-time donation will process successfully at submission.

Round to nearest multiple: Round popup ask to the nearest value multiple.

Impact Value ({{impact}}): Use the Popup Recurring Ask amount to calculate an impact value.

Variable Tags: Utilize the following Variable Tags to customize the Upgrade Message for each donor experience:

  • {{first_name}}

  • {{last_name}}

  • {{ask}}

  • {{impact}}

When you have completed your edits, be sure to click Save at the top of the Pre-conversion Upgrade Editor. Once saved, you will return to the Upgrade tab. Before exiting the Builder, click Publish in the upper right corner.

Post-Conversion Upgrades

With Post-conversion Upgrades, you can redirect your supporters to one or many additional Action Pages after their initial submission.

Before getting started, you will first want to create the individual Action Page(s) you would like supporters directed to.

Note: If a Recovery Message is enabled on an Action Page you plan to connect as a Post-Conversion Upgrade, the Recovery Message will not be triggered on the Upgrade.

Once you have built the Action Page(s), you can return to the Workflows>Upgrade tab within the Builder to set up your Post-conversion Upgrade.

To connect a Post-Conversion Upgrade, select Add post-conversion upgrade, then Click + Create New.

You will then be redirected to the Post-Conversion Upgrade editor where you can add a Name to the upgrade and set breakpoints.

Breakpoints allow you to determine which supporters are directed to the upgrade. The default breakpoint is set from $0 - $1,000. At this breakpoint, supporters who gave over $1,000 will NOT be redirected to the upgrade. You can adjust the breakpoints to fit your supporter base and needs.

Pro-tip: Set up additional breakpoints by clicking the blue + Add Breakpoint button at the bottom of the editor.

Supporters will be directed to the breakpoint that corresponds to their original submission amount.

Click + Add New to connect your Action Page(s) to the upgrade. If multiple Action Pages are selected, the Action Pages will show up in a grid format for your supporters.

To override the Preset Amounts listed on the Action Page(s) you have connected, click the Override Amounts toggle. An Amounts menu will appear where you can customize the Preset Amounts by Dollar or Percentage.

Click Save before exiting the Pre-conversion editor. You will then be redirected to the Upgrade tab. Be sure to click Publish before exiting the builder.

If you have further questions, please contact our Support team here.


The Abandoned Actions feature automatically sends follow-up emails to supporters who were unable to successfully complete their donation. If a supporter enters their email address on your Action Page but doesn't complete the donation process, a custom message will be sent to help recover the lost conversion.

Access the Workflows>Recover tab of the Builder, then click Enable Abandoned Actions to utilize Recovery Messages.

Once you have enabled the feature, customize the following:

  • Message Subject (displayed as the email Subject line)

  • Message Body

  • Page Form Link Text (your donation link will be hyperlinked with this text)

  • Contact Delay

Be sure to click Publish before exiting the Builder!


Customize your Receipt within the Workflows>Receipt tab of the Builder.

When a successful submission is made through a Donation Page, donors will be redirected to a Confirmation Message that is identical to the Receipt display in the Builder. An email Receipt is also sent to the donor.

Email Receipts are NOT sent for Lead Pages at this time.

The following customizations are available for Receipts:

  • Logo

  • Message

  • Email From Name

  • Reply Email

  • Subject

  • Footer

  • Callback URL

Receipt Logo

To add a Logo to your Receipt, click the space above the Message included in the display on the right. You can then Drag + Drop an image, or click Browse to open the Media Manager. Within the Media Manager, you can upload a new image or select an image you have previously used for the fundraising account.

The size of the Logo cannot be adjusted at this time.

Receipt Message

Anedot encourages organizations to create custom Messages for the Email Receipts sent to donors. Sincere gratitude for the generous support of your donors is the best way to let them know they are appreciated and encourages future support!

To add a custom Message to your Receipt, click on the existing Text that is included in the display of the Workflows>Receipt tab. A Text Editor will appear, allowing you to add your custom Message. Once you have added your custom Message, click Save within the Text Editor, then click Publish before exiting the Builder!

Example Messages:

  • Our success is only possible with generous donors like you! Thank you again, {{first_name}}, for your commitment and kindness.

  • {{first_name}}, we couldn’t do it without you – thank you for believing in our mission and making a positive impact.

  • We are humbled by your generosity and thankful for your commitment to our cause. Your support makes a huge impact.

  • We are sincerely grateful for your support. Your contribution makes all the difference!

Additional details to include in the Message:

  • A link to the organization's website or social media pages

  • Contact information for the organization

  • A reference to the Fund the donor contributed to

  • Details for upcoming events or volunteer opportunities

The following Variable Tags are available:

  • {{first_name}}

  • {{last_name}}

  • {{donation_amount}}

  • {{suffix}}

  • {{title}}

Callback URL

A Callback URL allows you to redirect your supporters to a unique page after a successful submission has been made.

Applying a Callback URL will override the Confirmation Message provided by Anedot. You may redirect your supporters to a new donation page, your organization's website, or a unique Thank You page built outside of Anedot.

To apply a Callback URL, access the Workflows>Receipts tab within the Builder.

Within the Receipt tab, scroll to the bottom for the editor and enter the page URL into the Callback URL field. Be sure to click Publish before exiting!

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