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Within the Settings tab of the Builder, you can customize the SEO and Social Settings, and apply Page Values and tracking codes.


Embed Code

While we typically recommend using the Hosted Share URL to share Action Pages, we provide an iFrame code for each unique page. This will allow you to embed your page directly into your website.

You may locate the Embed Code within the Settings>Sharing tab of the Builder.

We generally recommend using Hosted Pages over iFrames. Here's why:

  • Embedded pages rely on your webpage security and may be less secure than a hosted page.

  • You may have reduced conversion rates due to connection issues with the server.

  • PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are unavailable with embedded pages.

  • Design elements and page disclaimers are excluded from embedded pages and require customization using HTML and CSS within your webpage builder.

  • Supporters may experience errors accessing an embedded page from mobile devices.

When completing the setup of your webpage, we recommend testing the compatibility of your page with different browsers and devices.

Page URL

Customize the Page URL within the Settings>Sharing>Page URL tab of the Builder.

The Page URL is what makes each individual Action Page unique. If you have already used donate as the Page URL for another Action Page, it cannot be used again.

Examples: give, contribute, giving-tuesday etc.

Tip: The Page URL can also be customized at the top of the Builder. Click the Pencil icon to the right of the Page URL to edit.


Customize the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) within the Builder's Settings>Sharing>SEO tab.

The Title Tag and Meta Description will be used when your page is public and appears in search results.

Social Settings

Add a Share Title, Share Description, and Share Images to your Social Settings within the Builder's Settings>Sharing>Social Settings tab.

This data will auto-populate when the Action Page is shared on social media platforms, and through text.

Page Specific Values

Set Goals and Page Specific Values within the Settings>Sharing>Page Specific Values tab of the Builder.

A Source Code can be applied at the page level in the Default Source Code field.

When a Source Code is applied, it will show within the Page URL. You can remove this from the Page URL and the Source Code will still track successfully.

When custom Hidden Fields are added within the Form tab of the Builder, you will be able to apply a custom Page Value for the Hidden Field Key on this tab. This will be available as a separate field from the Default Source Code.


Access the Settings>General tab within the Builder to add Tracking Codes and Custom CSS to your Action Page.

If tags are not firing successfully, review the IDs you have placed within Anedot to ensure you have not entered a typo.
If the IDs have been entered correctly in Anedot, you may need to review the triggers and tags set up on your end.

Please contact our Support team here if you cannot access Custom CSS.

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