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Our team is happy to assist with data migration from your previous merchant provider to Anedot!

If you will be migrating less than 100 commitments from your merchant provider to Anedot, there is a one-time fee of $250.

Check out the steps below to successfully migrate recurring donors to Anedot from your merchant provider without disrupting your donors.

Contact Anedot Success

Email [email protected] to notify our team that you plan to migrate recurring donors to Anedot.

Contact Your Current Payment Processor

The administrator of your merchant provider account must log in to the merchant provider and give the merchant provider permission to migrate the merchant provider tokens to Anedot. You will need to provide:

  • Anedot Public PGP Encryption Key

  • Anedot PCI Attestation Letter

The merchant provider will upload the encrypted PAN information and matching Commitment IDs to their sFTP where Anedot will retrieve it.

Collecting the Data

Provide Anedot a list of any existing Funds you have with your current payment processor.

Please also include one of the following:

  • A link of your previous donation page

  • A screenshot of your previous donation page

  • An example CSV of a few donor records that exposes each data field collected. Our team will ensure your account is configured successfully prior to the migration; this includes page setup.

While the initial token migration is taking place, you should prepare a file for Anedot that includes donor information and recurring information. This information is required to successfully complete a migration.
Our team will provide the CSV Template for you by email.

Note: Please review the following guidelines before filling out the CSV Template: Bulk Import Template Tips

Disclaimer: The Column Headers in the CSV Template cannot be altered or changed.

Matching the Data

Once Anedot has the payment data and recurring information, Anedot will match the Tokens from the merchant provider with the recurring data provided by your organization.

After the data has been imported and aligned by our Staff, Anedot will inform you when to stop all future recurring transactions in the merchant provider. This is to ensure that we do not double-bill a donor (Merchant Provider + Anedot collectively).

Once your organization has acknowledged that recurring donations have stopped in the merchant provider, Anedot will begin processing commitments for the next withdrawal date.

Note: The commitment records will not be available in the Finance>Commitments tab within the fundraising account until the first withdrawal of an individual commitment record has been completed.

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