Sharing Your Action Page
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We provide the following methods to share your Action Pages with supporters:

  1. Copy Link: Copy the page URL to add the page to your website or social media, or send the link via email and text.

  2. Embed on your Site: Copy the iFrame code to embed on your website.

  3. Download QR Code: Download the QR code to print on marketing materials so supporters can scan your page in person.

  4. SMS Actions (Text-to-Give): Supporters can text a Keyword to a phone number that Anedot provides to access your Action Page from their mobile device.

Note: At this time, Anedot does not provide a Directory of Accounts for supporters. Your supporters will only be able to access your pages when you have shared them publicly on your website, social media, emails, and texts.

To get started, we recommend using the hosted Share URL to link your Action Page to your website, social media, emails, and texts.

You can access your Share URL in two separate areas within Anedot. Check out the two options below for instructions on how to easily locate and copy your Share URL:

Action Pages>Pages

  1. Access the Action Pages>Pages tab from the main menu bar

  2. Locate your Action Page

  3. Hover over the link provided in the URL Column

  4. Click the Copy to Clipboard icon

  5. The link is now ready to be pasted and shared!

Action Page Builder

  1. Access the Action Pages>Pages tab from the main menu bar

  2. Hover over the page name

  3. Click Actions>Edit

  4. Within the builder, click the Share button in the upper right corner of your screen

  5. Click Copy Link

  6. The link is now ready to be pasted and shared!

Add To Website

You should copy the link to your Anedot page and add it to the navigation bar on your website. You will want to add this as an external redirect that says Donate or Give.

Website platforms such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, provide the ability to connect the Action Page share link to a button within the Navigation Menu of your website.

As an example, connect your Action Page share link in WordPress by accessing Appearance>Menus. Next, click Custom Links to add your Anedot share link. Click here to learn more!

This will work with any website builders and has been used by customers on:

  • Squarespace

  • GoDaddy

  • WordPress

  • Wix

  • Webflow

  • Joomla

  • HubSpot

  • Woocommerce

  • BigCommerce

  • Shopify

Add to Social Media

Share to Facebook

The best way to add your giving page to social media is through a pinned post, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform.

To share your Action Page on Facebook, check out the steps below:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.

  2. Click Create Post at the top of your Page's timeline.

  3. Write a message to your members, then copy and paste your donation page Share Link into the Facebook post.

  4. Click Post.

  5. To pin the post at the top of our page, click (...) in the top right of the post and select Pin to Pin to Top of Page.

Pro Tip: Many social media platforms will recognize the share settings from Facebook. If you are using a social media platform not listed, proceed with updating the share settings within the Settings>Sharing>Social Settings tab.

Embed (iFrame)

While we do typically recommend using the Hosted Share URL to share Action Pages, we do provide an iFrame code for each unique page. This will allow you to embed your page directly into your website.

The iFrame code is located in two separate areas within the page builder. Check out the two options below for instructions on how to locate the iFrame:

Option 1:

  1. Access the Action Page builder

  2. Click the Share button in the upper right corner of the builder

  3. Click Embed on your Site

  4. The iFrame code will be automatically copied and is ready to paste!

Option 2:

  1. Access the Action Page builder

  2. Access the Settings>Sharing tab within the builder

  3. Select the Embed Code tab

  4. Click Copy Code

  5. The iFrame code will be automatically copied and is ready to paste!


  • Embedded pages rely on your webpage security and may be less secure than a hosted page.

  • You may have reduced conversion rates due to connection issues with the server.

  • PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are unavailable with embedded pages.

  • Design elements and page disclaimers are excluded from embedded pages and require customization using HTML and CSS within your webpage builder.

  • Supporters may experience errors accessing an embedded page from mobile devices.

When completing the setup of your webpage, we recommend testing the compatibility of your page with different browsers and devices.

QR Code

QR codes are a great way to share a page in person. You can add them to handouts at the door to speed up registration for events and encourage them to be scanned as opposed to requiring someone to go up to a kiosk.

Using QR codes is simple. You download the code, add it to a marketing material, and print it. When someone scans the code with the camera app on their phone, it will provide the link to give.

To download your QR Code, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Builder of the Action Page you would like to download a QR Code for

  2. Click the Share button in the upper right corner of the Builder

  3. Click Download QR Code

Pro Tip: You can use Google Analytics or Tag Manager to track analytics like clicks on the QR code using UTM's included in the URL. By default, the Campaign Source is "anedot", the Campaign Medium is "qr_code", and the Campaign Name is the page slug.

SMS Actions (Text to Give)

SMS Actions is our free text-to-give feature. Each fundraising account has the ability to create two separate Keywords that may be connected to two unique Donation Pages. Supporters will be able to text your Keyword to the phone number provided by Anedot to access your Donation Page from their mobile devices.

To get started, click the blue Add Keyword button in the upper right corner of the Settings>Configuration>SMS Keywords tab. You can then select the Donation Page you would like connected to your Keyword. Next, enter a custom Keyword.

Note: The Keyword will need to be unique to your organization. Keywords such as "give" or "donate" cannot be used as other organizations have already claimed them.

Next, enter (888) 444-8774 or (800) 500-5858 as the Phone Number. Short codes are no longer supported with Action Pages. To learn more, check out the guide below.

Click Save keyword to complete your Keyword setup.

If needed, Keywords and the Donation Page assigned can be edited. Next to your Keyword, click the menu to the far right (three vertical dots), then select Edit. You may also delete your Keyword from the same menu.

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