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Access the Pages Index within your fundraising account to manage your Action Pages. To learn more about each function within the Pages Index, continue below!

New Page

Click the blue New Page button to build a new Donation or Lead Page. Once you have selected the page type, you will be redirected to the Builder. To learn more about customizing Action Pages within the Builder, check out the Builder guide linked below!

Donation Pages are financial pages that allow supporters to submit donations.
Lead Pages are non-financial pages used for petitions and surveys.

Search Bar

Enter Page Names, Page Slugs, and Page IDs to filter for specific pages.

Tags (Icon)

Within the Tags icon, you can create and manage Tags. To learn more about Tags, check out the guide linked below!


User the Filter menu to search pages by Tags or Status.


To access Actions, hover over the Name of a page. Within the Actions menu, you can complete the following actions:

  • View - This will open the public view of your Action Page

  • Edit - This will redirect you to the Builder

  • Clone - This will create a new copy of the page

  • View Submission - This allows you to view the submission records associated with the individual page

  • Pause - This will pause the page, preventing new donations from processing. Tip: Before a page can be Archived, it must first be paused.


There are three pages statuses available: Active, Paused, and Archived.

Tags (Column)

View and manage Tags within the Tags column.

Reminder: Removed a Team tag will remove a user's access to that page.

Page Type

There are two page types: Donation and Lead.


Hover over the URL column to copy the Share URL for your pages!


Each Action Page has an ID. The ID is used for tracking across Anedot.

Submission Count

The Submission Count includes both successful and failed submissions from donors.

Tip: The count listed may not align with the Transactions tab data due to failed submissions being included in the count.

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