Managing Funds
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Use Funds to track donations or parts of donations that have different purposes. Each Fund can have its own bank account and deposit schedule.
With Funds, you can also apply a Disclaimer to reference legal requirements for your organization.

Note that Funds cannot be deleted at this time.

Create and Edit Funds

To create a new Fund, click the blue Add Funds button in the upper right corner for the Settings>Finance>Funds tab. To edit Funds, hover over the Fund Name, then select View.

Within the Fund Editor, you may customize the following fields:

  1. Fund Name: Name that's easiest for you to remember the fund by.

  2. Internal Identifier: Custom ID that helps you link this fund to external systems. If you do not have an external system, this can be any number you would like.

  3. Bank Account: The bank account you would like to connect to the Fund.

  4. Fund Disclaimer: Custom legal language that is associated with the fund. This may not be relevant to your fund. The Fund Disclaimer will be applied to every Donation Page that is currently utilizing the Fund unless it has been overwritten by a custom footer.

  5. Default Fund: If you want to use this fund as your default fund for every page.

  6. Default for Tandem/Conduit: If you want to use this fund for all pages with more than one Anedot account.

Be sure to click Save before exiting!

Once you create a fund, you can assign that fund to one or more Action Pages!

Add Disclaimer

Disclaimers can be applied within the Settings>Finance>Funds tab of your fundraising account.

To add a Disclaimer, hover over the Fund Name, then click View. An editor drawer will open on the right side of your webpage, where you can apply the Disclaimer text to the Fund Disclaimer field. Be sure to click Save before exiting the editor.

Once you have applied the Disclaimer to the Fund, the Disclaimer will appear within the Footer of each Action Page that has the Fund assigned.

Tip: If you have multiple Funds available, customize each Fund with a unique Disclaimer.

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