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SMS Actions is our free text-to-give feature.

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SMS Actions is our free text-to-give feature. Each fundraising account has the ability to create two separate Keywords that may be connected to two unique Donation Pages. Supporters will be able to text your Keyword to the phone number provided by Anedot to access your Donation Page from their mobile devices.

​To get started create an SMS Keyword, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the blue Add Keyword button in the upper right corner of the Settings>Configuration>SMS Keywords tab.

  2. Next, select the Donation Page you would like connected to your Keyword.

  3. Enter a custom Keyword.

  4. Click Save keyword.

Note: The Keyword will need to be unique to your organization. Keywords such as "give" or "donate" cannot be used as other organizations have already claimed them.

If needed, Keywords and the Donation Page assigned can be edited. Next to your Keyword, click the menu to the far right (three vertical dots), then select Edit. You may also delete your Keyword from the same menu.

Transitioning from the 225-25 Short Code

When SMS Actions was initially released, Anedot provided 225-25 as an available short code for all fundraising accounts. Shortly after the release, changes were made by wireless carriers in an effort to protect consumers and prevent spam.

Due to the discontinued support of short codes from wireless carriers, Anedot has provided 10-digit toll-free phone numbers to replace them.

Short codes are no longer supported.

If your organization is currently utilizing the 225-25 short code, you will need to access the Settings>Configuration>SMS Keywords tab within your fundraising account to replace the short code with a provided 10 digit toll-free phone number.

To replace the short code, click the three dots to the right of your Keyword. Next, click Edit and enter the new phone number. Be sure to click Save before exiting.

The following 10 digit toll-free phone numbers are available for use with SMS Actions:

  • (888) 444-8774

  • (800) 500-5858

At this time, custom 10-digit phone numbers cannot be used with SMS Actions.

For further questions or assistance with SMS Actions, please contact our Support team here.

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