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Changing Account Owner
Changing Account Owner
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Transferring Ownership of an account is easy and can be initiated within the account by accessing the Settings>Setup>Organization Info tab.

Who Qualifies to be an Account Owner

The Owner of the account is also the financially responsible person for the organization.

Roles that would typically qualify to be the owner of an account would be the President, CEO, CFO, Executive Director, Chairperson, Treasurer or Candidate.

Account Owner Responsibilities

The Account Owner will be the individual with legal and financial authority to control, manage, or direct the entity or organization. The Owner is required to have access to the organization’s bank account.

Transferring Ownership

To initiate the Ownership Transfer, access the Settings>Setup>Organization Info tab, then complete the following:

  1. Select the blue Change Owner button

  2. Confirm Yes, I need to choose or invite the new Account Owner to continue

  3. Select the new account Owner from the dropdown menu

  4. Click the blue Request Ownership Transfer button to forward the Confirm Ownership email to the new account Owner

  5. The new Owner will receive an email with a Confirm Ownership form that they will need to access and submit before the Ownership transfer can be completed

  6. Once the Confirm Ownership form is completed and submitted by the new Owner, their status will be updated to Owner within the Settings>Access>Users tab under Permission Sets

If the wrong user was sent the Ownership Transfer Request, no worries! You may send the correct user a new Ownership Transfer Request. The previous email will expire once the new email is sent.

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