Apply for a Fundraising Account
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Create an AnedotID

To get started, first, create an AnedotID. Your AnedotID is the combination of your personal email address and private password. A single AnedotID can be created to access one or multiple fundraising accounts.

Disclaimer: Each user that needs access to a fundraising account must create their own AnedotID with their personal email address and a private password. User Profiles should include the individual's contact information and may not be shared.

It is against our Terms of Service to use shared emails for login credentials, share your login credentials with another user, or use a generic email that does address you directly.

Create an AnedotID using the following link:

Once you have logged in successfully, access the Apply for a fundraising account button in the upper right corner of your dashboard, or click the following link:
Apply for a fundraising account

Apply for an Account

The Anedot fundraising account application can be completed within minutes! Complete the application to the best of your knowledge. Once submitted successfully, our team is happy to assist with making adjustments as needed.

Before getting started, be sure that you have the following available:

  • Official EIN document from the IRS (IRS Letter CP-575) (Required)

  • A US business bank account and online bank account credentials

Continue to the following steps to get started!

Disclaimer: If an application is not completed, the application will be saved as a Draft. This allows you to complete the application at a later time.

After 60 days, Draft applications are automatically deleted by our system. Once the application is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. You will need to start a brand new application.

Apply for an Org Account

The first page of the application is titled Apply for an Org Account. On this page, complete the following:

  • Display Name (The name shown to your supporters)

  • Type of Organization

  • Account Sub-category

If you are unsure which category to select, choose the option that best describes your organization.

Once complete, click Start Application!

Org Category

Based on your selections made on the Apply for an Org Account tab, select an additional category that best fits your organization type.

Next, click Save and Continue!

Onboarding Survey

On the Onboarding Survey page of the application, complete the following:

  • Previous Processor

  • How did you hear about Anedot?

  • Estimated annual processing volume

  • Where do you plan to use Anedot?

Tip: When entering your website URL, be sure to include https:// in the link.

Click Save and Continue before moving on to the next step!

Public Support Profile

On the Public Support Profile page of the application, add your public contact details. These details may be provided to donors by our Support team.

Complete the following fields:

  • Description Shown on Donor Bank Statements

Tips: The Description Shown on Donor Bank Statements has a 16-character limit. If your organization has a long name, we encourage abbreviating the name and removing spaces.

We recommend using a description that will allow donors to easily identify transactions associated with your organization.

Choosing an accurate description can help reduce the risk of chargebacks and refunds for unidentified charges.

  • Public Phone Number

  • Public Email Address

  • Public Address

Click Save and Continue before moving on to the next page!

Legal Entity Details

On the Legal Entity Details page of the application, please provide the following details:

  • Tax ID (EIN)(required)

  • Legal Name

  • Date Established (best estimate is acceptable)

  • Mission Statement

  • Legal Address

Disclaimer: Anedot does not accept Social Security Numbers to open fundraising accounts. All fundraising accounts must provide an Employer Identification Number from the IRS.

Click Save and Continue before moving on to the rest of the application!

Supporting Documentation

On the Supporting Documentation page of the application, please upload your official EIN document from the IRS (IRS Letter CP-575) and any supporting documents you have available.

Tip: Additional supporting documentation is not required but may speed up the verification timeline for your application.

Supported files: PDF, JPG, PNG

Once you have uploaded your documentation, Click Save and Continue!

Connect Bank for Deposits

Anedot uses a platform called Plaid to verify banking details. Learn more about Plaid here!

To connect your bank account via Plaid, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Connect Your Bank

  2. Once redirected to Plaid, click Continue.

  3. From the bank accounts directory, select your bank from the list, or type in the bank name using the Search Bar.

  4. Next, enter your online banking credentials to verify your banking details.

  5. You will be sent a Verification Code. Please enter the Verification Code you received from your bank.

  6. Next, select the Account you would like to connect to your Anedot fundraising account.

  7. Review the Terms and Conditions on the following page, then click Connect Account Information.

You will then receive a Success confirmation!

Once you have connected your bank successfully, click Save and Continue.

Financial Responsibility

On the Financial Responsibility page, one user associated with the organization must accept Financial Responsibility in order to submit the application.

To accept Financial Responsibility, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • You are listed on a public record, government, or financial document tying you to this organization.

  • You have legal and financial responsibility to control, manage, or direct the entity and/or you are the president, treasurer, executive director, candidate, or other person with the authorization to enter into agreements on behalf of this entity.

If you are unable to accept Financial Authority for the account, select No, I am not the Account Owner. You can then invite the person who should be listed as the Owner of the account. The Owner will receive an email invite to accept Financial Authority for the account.

Once Financial Authority has been accepted, continue to the final page of the application to Submit!

Review and Submit

On the Review and Submit page of the application, click Submit Application!

Once the application has been submitted successfully, you will be redirected to a Pending status page.

Pending Application

Your application has been successfully submitted! Now what!?

Our Underwriting and Risk teams will receive your application and complete a review. Reviews typically take between 2-5 business days. During the review process, our Accounts team will keep you in the loop regarding the account status and any follow-up that may be needed for the review.

Emails from our Accounts team will be sent from [email protected]. For verification, there is typically an email follow-up once an application has been submitted.

Disclaimer: Not all applications are accepted. If the account was not approved, our Accounts team will send you an email notification to keep you informed. Decisions are final.

Once you have received an email confirmation that your account has been approved, you are ready to start building your first Action Page!

Followup Communications

We enjoy keeping you in the loop without blowing up your inbox. To ensure you don't miss a beat, add the following email addresses as contacts to your personal email account:

If you've reached out to our team and have not received a response within 24 business hours, be sure to check your spam or junk folders.

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am-5pm CST.

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