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Payouts allows you to easily track deposits to your bank and payments to vendors, aligning seamlessly with your bank statement credits and debits.

To access Payouts, select the Finance tab from the main menu in your account Dashboard, then select Payouts.

Payout Details

Within the Finance>Payouts tab of the fundraising account, the following data columns are available:




This ID is for the unique Anedot Credit or Debit record.

Transfer ID

The Transfer ID can be used within Anedot to identify which Credits and Debits were included in the batched transfer.

The Transfer ID will be the same for each Credit or Debit record in the batched transfer.

See the Tip below for instructions on how to utilize the Transfer ID to locate the details associated with the transfer.


The Date column identifies when the batch transfer was issued.

Reminder: it may take 2-3 business days for funds to settle in the bank account once a transfer has been issued.

Bank Details

This column will identify which bank account the funds were transferred to or debited from.


There are two statuses: Ready or Sent.

  • Ready: The transfer has been prepared but has not been sent to the bank account yet.

  • Sent: The transfer has been released from Anedot to the bank account on file.


The Direction column will identify Credits and Debits to the bank account.

  • Credit: The total revenue transferred to the bank account.

  • Debits: Fee deductions associated with Billing Agreement Markups and Anedot platform fees.


The payout type identified in the Type column will be specific to your account setup.

By default, all fundraising accounts are set up on Net Deposits. Gross Deposits are only enabled when requested.
The following Types are available:

  • Net Revenue: This will be shown when an account is receiving Net Deposits.

  • Gross Revenue: This will be shown when an account is receiving Gross Deposits.

  • Anedot Fees: This will be shown when an account is receiving Gross Deposits. This record includes the debit for the Anedot processing fees and Donor Covers Fees.

  • Fees: This will be shown for fees deducted for Vendor Markups.

For further details regarding Payout Types, continue to the Net and Gross Deposit guide below!


The Amount column displays the totals associated with each Credit or Debit.

Tip: We recommend reviewing filtered transfer data within the Transactions tab, instead of Entries.
To view filtered transfer data in Transactions, copy the Transfer ID from the Payouts tab, then access the Finance>Transactions tab. Within the Filter menu, apply the Transfer ID to the Transfer ID field, then click Apply Filters. You will then be able to review the Gross Amount, Fees, Vendor Fees, and Net Amounts for the associated transfer.

Net and Gross Deposits

With Net Deposits, a single Credit record for Net Revenue will be available in Payouts. Since Anedot platform fees are deducted before the Payout occurs, the organization will only be sent the Net Amount of funds raised.

With Gross Deposits, a Credit record for Gross Revenue will be available in Payouts. Along with the Gross Revenue record, a record for Anedot platform fees (including Donor Covers Fees) will be listed.

Whether the account is set up with Net Deposits or Gross Deposits, when working with a Vendor, a separate Debit record will be recorded for the Vendor Fees. This will be displayed as Fees: (Vendor Name). The deduction of Fees associated with a Vendor Billing Agreement are debited from the bank account on file and sent to the Vendor's bank account as payment.

All Anedot fundraising accounts are set up with Net Deposits by default. If your organization would like Gross Deposits enabled, please contact our Support team here!

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