Connected Accounts

The Connected Accounts feature is used to connect Anedot accounts that want to partner to fundraise together or for professional vendors to help manage their clients. This is used for tandem actions, cross-sells, and third-party Billing Agreements.

Connected Accounts is available to Owners and Billing Admins on Anedot accounts. If you do not have this permission level, please email the account owner so they can give you access.

Connect an Account

To connect with another fundraising account, request the Account UID from the organization you would like to connect with. The organization can locate their Account UID from the URL while accessing their account dashboard.

Once you have received the organization’s Account UID, access the Settings: Connected Accounts tab. Click the blue Connect an Account button. Enter the organization’s Account UID.

The organization will be sent an invite. They will then need to accept the invite by accessing Settings:Connected Accounts within their own account. The invite will be under the Pending tab.

Once accepted, both accounts will see the active connection under Settings:Connected Accounts