Gift of Any Amount (GOAA)
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The Gift of Any Amount (GOAA) feature allows your supporters to choose whether or not they want to receive a gift from your organization with their donation submission.

If you do not have the Gift of Any Amount feature available within the Action Page Builder under Finance>Products, please contact our team here.

To get started with Gift of Any Amount, first create a Product within your account menu by selecting Action Pages>GOAA Products.

Next, select the blue Add Product button from the upper right corner. Add a Product Name, Internal SKU, Value ($), and Quantity. You may also add a Product Description and Product Image. Once completed, click the blue Save product button.

Now that you have created your Product(s), access the Action Page Builder from within the Action Pages>Pages tab. Follow the guide below to continue.

Connect Products to Donation Pages

Once you have set up your Product, you can now connect to a donation page within the Finance>Products tab of the page builder.

To enable the Gift of Any Amount feature, toggle it on. Then, set your criteria and add your products:

  • Reward Criteria: Set a minimum dollar amount required for supporters to qualify for the gift.

  • Require recurring for reward?: Select Yes to require supporters to create a recurring commitment to qualify for the gift. If No is selected, supporters making one-time donations will qualify for the gift.

  • Forced Gift: Select Yes if you want all supporters who meet the criteria to receive a gift. To allow supporters to opt out of receiving a gift even if they meet your criteria, select No.

  • Free Gift Options: Click Add Product to connect your product to the Amounts Preset.

After setting your criteria and adding your Product, click Publish to finalize your updates.

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