Clone an Action Page
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Use the Clone tool to create a copy of pages that you have already built. Once a page has been cloned, you can make further customizations and edits to the page.

To Clone an Action Pages, follow the steps below

  1. Access the Action Pages>Pages tab from the main menu bar in your fundraising account

  2. Next, hover over the Name of the Action Page you would like to clone

  3. Click Actions>Clone

  4. You will then be redirected to the Builder to customize the cloned page further

  5. Click Publish before exiting the Builder to save the creation of the cloned page

Note: When cloning an Action Page, ensure that Presets have been assigned to the page you will be cloning. If Presets are not assigned, any changes made to the cloned copy will be reflected on the original page.

Disclaimer: If a Billing Agreement has been applied to an Action Page, cloning the Action Page will carry over the Billing Agreement.

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