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Mapp Empower (Paramount, BlueHornet, Vervemail)
Mapp Empower (Paramount, BlueHornet, Vervemail)
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Anedot provides an integration with Mapp’s Empower platform (previously BlueHornet; also used by Paramount Communication Group).

Donation information from donations in Anedot can be submitted as Empower subscribers and added to static segments lists.

Access your Anedot account and navigate to Settings>Integrations to add the integration.

In your MAPP / Blue Hornet / Paramount account settings, you must create an API key to use with Anedot. The API key you use with Anedot integration must have permission to use the legacy.manage_subscriber method call. You may turn off all other permissions. Your MAPP account also has to allow the following addresses in your MAPP settings:

After creating the API Key, your API Key and Shared Secret are displayed, copy and paste into the API key field on the Anedot MAPP / Blue Hornet / Paramount integration form.

To automatically subscribe donors to your marketing lists, add the desired static segment list IDs to your Anedot integration. Navigate to Segmentation » Static Segments » Manage Static Segments a marketing list in MAPP / Blue Hornet / Paramount, and the Segment ID will be listed in the table of available static segments.

Multiple comma-separated static segment IDs can be added if your account has multiple destination segments for donors (e.g., ‘Donors’ and ‘Newsletter Subscribers’). If a segment ID is not specified, the integration will add donors as contacts without automatically subscribing them to a particular static segment.

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