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Anedot's integration with ActiveCampaign passes along donor's contact information to the Active Campaign system.

Connect Anedot to Active Campaign

To connect Anedot to Active Campaign, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Settings>Integrations>Directory tab within your fundraising account.

  2. Click the blue + New Connection button in the upper right corner of the Directory.

  3. Select Active Campaign from the Directory list.

  4. Select the Action Pages you would like synced with Active Campaign. The default is All Pages.

    1. To exclude pages, enter a comma separated list of the Action Page IDs

    2. Optionally, you can scope the integration to only send team-specific data to Active Campaign.

  5. Enter your Active Campaign URL.

  6. Enter your Active Campaign List ID.

  7. Enter your Active Campaign API Key.

  8. Once you Save the credentials, you are all set!​

Data Relays

  • Anedot sends relays for financial and non-financial pages.

    • Custom field data is not relayed at this time.

  • If there are 5 failed relay attempts in a row, the integration is marked "inactive" and no longer attempts relays.

  • When a relay is passed successfully, a new contact (or updated contact) will be created in the corresponding Active Campaign list and in the Contacts tab.

Field Mapping

List Payload

Anedot Field

Active Campaign Field

list_id (see step 5 from setup instructions)




contact_id (from Active Campaign)


Contact Payload

Anedot Field

Active Campaign Field









Payload Data

Request Body

"list_payload": {
"contactList": {
"list": "1",
"status": 1,
"contact": "25"
"contact_payload": {
"contact": {
"email": "[email protected]",
"phone": "2252501301",
"lastName": "Dot",
"firstName": "Annie"

Response Body

"contactList": {
"id": "25",
"form": null,
"list": "1",
"sync": "0",
"links": {
"form": "",
"list": "",
"contact": "",
"message": "",
"campaign": "",
"automation": "",
"autosyncLog": "",
"unsubscribeAutomation": ""
"sdate": "2019-07-01T13:24:24-05:00",
"udate": null,
"ip4Sub": "0",
"status": 1,
"contact": "25",
"message": null,
"campaign": null,
"ip4Unsub": "0",
"ip4_last": "0",
"seriesid": "0",
"sourceid": "3",
"last_name": "Dot",
"responder": "1",
"automation": null,
"created_by": "0",
"first_name": "Annie",
"updated_by": "0",
"autosyncLog": null,
"unsubreason": "",
"created_timestamp": "2019-08-31 11:58:14",
"updated_timestamp": "2019-08-31 11:58:14",
"unsubscribeAutomation": null


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