Teams are used to classify users for organizational, reporting, and access purposes.

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Teams are used to classify users for organizational, reporting, and access purposes. They differ from Permission Sets in that they allow you to limit a user's access to Pages and Page Data, while Permission Sets only limit a user's access to actions within an account.

When To Use Teams

When working with consultants, vendors, or volunteers, you may not want them to have full access to your account data and pages. By creating a Team and assigning the user(s) to it, you can restrict their access to specific data.

Users who require full access to an account should not be added to a Team. The Account Owner should NEVER be added to a Team.

Team Tags

Teams use Tags to determine which pages and data a user can access. You can have one or more users on a team, and each Team will have a Default Tag that can be assigned to specific Pages. If the Default Tag is not assigned to Pages, users assigned to the Team will not have access to them.

Users on a Team will only receive email notifications for transactions processed through pages the Team Tag has been assigned to.

Note: Teams is currently only available for Anedot Pro accounts. If you would like to utilize the Teams feature for your account, please contact our Support team here.

Create a Team

To create a Team, access the Settings>Access>Teams tab from within your account Dashboard.

  1. Within the Teams tab, click the Create team button.

  2. Enter a Name (required) and Description (optional) for your Team.

  3. Click Save Team.

  4. By saving the Team, a Team Tag is created. The Team Tag will be considered the Default Tag for members of the Team.

    Note: The Default Tag will automatically be applied to Action Pages that have been created or cloned by a member of the Team.

Create Multiple Tags for a Team

Each Team created will be assigned a single Default Team Tag. If needed, you can apply additional tags to each Team. The tags created at the Team level can be applied to individual Action Pages to grant Team access.

Disclaimer: Tags that have been assigned to specific Teams should not be used for generic organization purposes, as assigning the tag will grant Team access to those pages.

Create Tags

To add additional Team tags, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Tags icon in the upper right corner of the Teams table.

  2. Click + Create new tag.

  3. Name the tag.

Once the tag has been created, the tag will be available in the list of tags. Tags are displayed in alphabetical order. A Description and custom color can be assigned to each Tag for better visibility.

Assign Tags

To assign the new tag to a Team, follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over the Tag column.

  2. Click the Pencil icon.

  3. Select the tag from the list of tags.

  4. Click out of the list of tags to save.

To remove a tag, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the list of tags by clicking the Pencil icon under the Tag column.

  2. Click on the tag once. The tag will automatically be removed.

  3. Click out of the list of tags to save your changes.

Adding Users to a Team

Once you have set up your Team, you will need to assign Users to the Team. Check out the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings>Access>Users.

  2. Hover over the User's email address.

  3. Click Actions.

  4. Next, click Edit.

  5. Within the Access Editor, click the Team dropdown and assign that user to a Team.

Now that you have added Users to the Team, continue to the guide below to learn how to assign Team access to Action Pages!

Deleting Teams

To delete a Team, you will first need to access the Settings>Access>Users tab to remove all users from the Team.

To remove a user from a Team, follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over the user's email address.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Under Team within the Access Editor, select None or assign the user to a new Team.

  4. Click Save within the Access Editor.

Warning: Removing a user from a Team will allow that user to have full access to the account. If they should not have access to all account data, you will first want to create a new Team, or remove the user from the account.

Once you have removed all users from the Team, you can now return to the Settings>Access>Teams tab within your account. Hover over the Team Name, then click Actions>Delete.

Note: Deleting a Team will not delete the Team Tag. The Team Tag will become available for page tagging, but no access will be associated with the Tag.

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