Why Am I Not Seeing My Donations/Commitments?

As a donor, you have the ability to see and make changes to your donation and commitments. Here are some reasons why you may not be seeing them.

When you signup for an Anedot DonorID, you have the ability to see and make changes to your donation and commitments.

The DonorID is a free service provided by Anedot that allows donors to manage their recurring commitments, view donation history, and update payment methods. 

However, there are times when your donations or commitments may not show. Here's why that may happen and how to fix it!

Confirm your Profile

If you're looking to update your payment method, review your donations, or cancel your commitments, you first need to create or login to your DonorID here.

Once you have created your DonorID, you will immediately be sent an email to confirm your profile. You need to click the link on this email. Once you confirm your profile, you will see your donations and commitments inside the dashboard.

If a donor does not click this confirmation link, their profile will not show any donations when they log in.

Wrong Email Address

Each DonorID is associated with one or more email addresses. If your donation and/or commitment are associated with a different email address that is not connected to your DonorID, then you will need the assistance of our team to merge your DonorID profiles. Please contact our team at help@anedot.com if that's the case!

Typo in Email Address

Occasionally, donors will accidentally mistype their email address as they are giving. In this instance, the DonorID profile confirmation will send to the wrong email address and you will be unable to login. If this occurs, please contact our team at help@anedot.com for further assistance.