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URL Parameters

In order to use URL Parameters you should be using our hosted form on Anedot or using a custom domain setup with Anedot Plus (unlimited plan). You can use embedded forms but this requires additional coding and adjustments to the iframe code before it will work.

Accepted URL Param Attributes

 (with examples) are available for use:

amount ( `100` - single number to choose default amount)
  amounts ( `10,25,50,100,250` - number separated list )
  frequency: ( `weekly` , `monthly` , `quarterly` , `yearly` )
  state: ( accepts state abbreviation; e.g. `LA` not `Louisiana` )


To use URL Parameters, determine what data you'd like to pass to the form, then simply pass it using a link to the browser such as:


Notice that before the first parameter entered, you will need to add the "?" symbol and between each consecutive parameter, the "&" symbol will need to be entered.

Special Notes


For the amounts attribute, you can pass a string of numeric values such amounts=10,25,50,100  and it will override all donation option values on the form. 

Important: You must enable the URL Amounts override in Campaign Editor in the Finance section. See below:

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