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Share URL

This article describes how to create a Share URL and describes how it works. To share your fundraising campaign, you need to find and copy the Share URL

The share URL is made of 4 main different parts:

1. Protocol

This is the part where an end user / donor can see that you are using an SSL certificate and TLS encryption to securely process the donation.

2. Base URL

secure.anedot.com is the base URL for all Anedot accounts.

Note on old base URLs:
Prior to May 2017, the base URL was causes.anedot.com.
Prior to 2014, the base URL was simply anedot.com.

These old base URLs will continue to work through January 1, 2019.

3. Account Slug

The account slug is unique to your fundraising account on Anedot. The account slug is created when you submit your account application and is based on your account Display Name. If you need to update your account slug you can do so by visiting the Settings: Brand page.

4. Campaign Slug

By default, the first campaign in your account will use donate as the campaign slug. Campaign slugs are unique only to your account.