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Selling Merchandise Using Campaigns

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Did you know that you can use Anedot Campaigns to sell merchandise for your organization? You can do that using our Items feature!

Right now, we recommend using Campaigns to list individual items as it’s easier to show those products one-by-one, but you can offer multiple items as well. 

First, you will want to create a new campaign for your products. You should edit your donation page to look appealing.

Please click here to learn about “How to Create the Perfect Donation Page.”

For the design, we recommend including a picture in the Header Image and/or Background Image of the product or products. You can do that by clicking “Design” and then scrolling down to images. There, you will upload the product as either a Banner Header Image or as a Filled Background Image.

To add the items for sale, you will click on Finance and then Items. You will want to add an Item Group and then an Item. You will click on the “Users Input Amount” dropdown and select “Users Input Quantity.” From there, you can add an item like a t-shirt. 

Please note that Anedot does not handle any shipping or fulfillment services at this time. Therefore, we would not be able to provide any customer support regarding shipping or fulfillment inquiries from donors.

We ask that an estimated shipping date, as well as contact number/email, be added to the receipt text for the Campaign that is created for this purpose. This will be done on the Edit Campaign: Receipt page.