Safe Capture

Safe Capture by Anedot allows your call center agents to safely and securely collect payment details without putting your organization in PCI scope.


  1. Agent speaks with donor by phone
  2. Agent types all donor information for donor (name, address, etc)
  3. Agent informs donor that for security, your organization uses the Anedot Safe Capture system to collect card details.
  4. Agent conferences Anedot Safe Capture Number
    1. Unique long code number for each Pro and Enterprise customer
  5. Anedot Safe Capture prompts cardholder for PAN
    1. Donor keys card number
    2. Donor keys cvv
    3. Donor keys expiration date
    4. Anedot tokenizes the PAN
  6. Agent checks for token
    1. If company phone system exposes conferenced callers caller ID
      1. Agent clicks "Check for Token" once prompted in IVR
    2. If all Agents have their own phone lines for conferencing in Donors
      1. Agent clicks the "Company" option
      2. Agent fills in their phone number and clicks "Check for Token"
  7. Agent sees confirmation of tokenized PAN
  8. Agent types billing zip code for confirmation
  9. Agent processes donation
  10. Agent thanks donor
            *Safe Capture is available for Pro and Enterprise customers. Please contact us at if you are interested in utilizing this feature.