For Donors

You can choose to use your PayPal account when giving online through Anedot as long as an account holder has not disabled PayPal (see below). All donations made through Anedot can be tracked using a DonorID for easy record keeping! 

If you have an available balance in a linked PayPal Balance account, that balance may be used before your preferred payment method.

For Accounts

Donations via PayPal on Anedot are handled identically to other payment methods such as Visa and Amex. Funds are deposited alongside your other transactions. You shouldn't notice any difference between payment methods. PayPal is simply an option for donors.

Don't want to accept PayPal?

If you for any reason do not wish to accept PayPal as a payment method, an authorized user (admin) can:

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  1. Log in to your user profile and choose a fundraising account. 
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Presets
  4. Uncheck PayPal as an option
  5. Click save 

Pro-tip: On Action Pages, you can override the account-level setting under Finance -> Finance Preset Overrides!