1. Using Campaigns

Pausing your Account or Specific Campaigns

Pausing Your Account

You have the ability to pause your entire account. Pausing your account will pause each of your campaigns/sub-campaigns without having to pause each campaign/sub-campaign individually at the Campaign level. 

You can pause your account on the Settings: Advanced page. See below:

Simply enter the reason you are pausing the account and click Pause Account. 

Please note that pausing an account pauses everything. (Transactions, Recurring commitments, Transfers, etc.)

Pausing Campaign/s

In some cases, you may need to pause a campaign so that no donations or transactions can be processed. This may happen if your state does not allow contributions during legislative session or if an event has come to an end.

With Anedot, this is simple. When Editing your campaign, simply click the "Pause Campaign" button then type in a message to appear instead of your campaign form. Next, click Save.

Note: Pausing a top level Campaign does not pause affiliated sub-campaigns. If a top level Campaign has sub-campaign/s, you would need to pause each sub-campaign individually as well. 

Message us if you have any questions!