How to enable NationBuilder in your account

Select Integrations in your Account Settings.



Scroll down and click the green "Add" button next to NationBuilder



Choose All Campaigns or a specific campaign
Type your nation's slug


Authorize Anedot inside of NationBuilder when prompted
Donations should begin syncing, if you have prior Anedot data, you may click the Push Unsent Donations button and it will push donations up to current.


You can control cycle and other attributes by including them as URL get parameter.

Available NationBuilder parameters









How to set up your NationBuilder account

1. Login to your Nation

Login to your Nation and go into your website.

2. Create a New Page

Click + New page

3. Name, Slug and Status

For Name type "Donate", Slug type "donate", then for Status choose "Published"

4. Page Type

Choose Redirect for the Type of Page, then click Create Page.

5. [Inside Anedot] Copy Your Anedot Campaign Share URL

Go back to your Anedot account inside Campaign Editor and copy your Share URL from the top left.

6. [Back to NationBuilder] Paste your Anedot Share URL

Paste your Anedot Campaign Share URL into the "URL to redirect to*" field. Then click "Save redirect."

Now, when visitors visit your Nation's URL /donate it will point users to your Anedot donation form!

7. Disable the Default Contribute Page on your Nation

Go back to your pages list and if you have another donate or contribute page, let's go ahead and disable that to prevent donor confusion. Click the edit button, then click Delete page in the bottom right.

8. Final Step: Update your Donate button and all other donate links to point to your new Donate Page!

Now you should use your new Donate Page we just created to replace all instances of the default Contribute page. You should update all donate buttons and links to use the new page.