MAPP / Blue Hornet / Paramount

Donation information from donations in Anedot can be submitted as Empower subscribers and added to static segments lists.

Anedot provides an integration with Mapp’s Empower platform (previously BlueHornet; also used by Paramount Communication Group).


To add the integration, access your Anedot account and navigate to Settings > Integrations. Click "Connect" under MAPP / Blue Hornet / Paramount to open up the integration form.

In your MAPP / Blue Hornet / Paramount account settings, you must create an API key to use with Anedot. The API key you use with the Anedot integration must have permission to use the legacy.manage_subscriber method call. You may turn off all other permissions. Your MAPP account also has to allow the following addresses in your MAPP settings:
After creating the API Key, your API Key and Shared Secret are displayed, copy and paste into the API key field on the Anedot MAPP / Blue Hornet / Paramount integration form.

To automatically subscribe donors to your marketing lists, add the desired static segment list IDs to your Anedot integration. Navigate to Segmentation » Static Segments » Manage Static Segments a marketing list in MAPP / Blue Hornet / Paramount, and the Segment ID will be listed in the table of available static segments.
Multiple comma-separated static segment IDs can be added if your account has multiple destination segments for donors (e.g., ‘Donors’ and ‘Newsletter Subscribers’). If a segment ID is not specified, the integration will add donors as contacts without automatically subscribing them to a particular static segment.