Anedot's integration with Mailchimp sends leads and donations to the platform for Campaigns or Action Pages.

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  1. Login to your user profile and choose your account
  2. Click Settings in the navigation bar
  3. Click Integrations
  4. Click "Connect" under Mailchimp
  5. Choose "New Campaign Integration" or "New Action Page Integration". Please note that a separate integration will be needed for each if you're using both. 
  6. Enter your Mailchimp Public API Key. To locate your API Key, click Account > Extras > API keys. You'll find your public API key on this page.
  7. Enter your Mailchimp List ID. To locate your List ID, click Audience > View Contacts > Settings > Audience name and defaults. (Mailchimp calls this ID your Audience ID)
  8. Click "Save"


      PRO TIP:

      When creating your "Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags" (Audience > View Contacts > Settings > Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags), you will need to match our list of Field Tags exactly. Here is the list of Field Tags available:

      • "FNAME"
      • "LNAME"
      • "PHONE"
      • "STREET"
      • "STREET2"
      • "CITY"
      • "STATE"
      • "ZIPCODE"
      • "UTMCAMPGN"
      • "UTMCONTENT"
      • "UTMMEDIUM"
      • "UTMSOURCE"
      • "UTMTERM"
      • "SRCECODE"
      • "EVENT"
      • "AMOUNT"
      • "DONATEDATE"
      • "DONATEURL"
      • "FUNDALLOC"




      Please note that you do not have to add all of these tags, this is simply a list of what is available for you to use. 

      Additionally, the "field type" (email, text, phone, etc.) must also match as seen in the screenshot above. 


      BONUS: Custom Fields are Available with Action Page Integrations!

      All custom fields added to an Action Page and saved on the submission will be relayed along with the standard data. In order for you to see that data in Mailchimp, care must be taken to include the additional merge tags as noted above.  The merge tag name MUST be identical to the tag name we send in the data, which will be reformatted from the custom field LABEL as follows:

      • All spaces and special characters removed, first 10 characters taken and upcased, eg:
        • Custom field label in Action Page: "my! _custom Field?"
        • Merge tag name sent to Mailchimp: MYCUSTOMFI

      This is done in order to format the names in accordance with Mailchimp standards and validations.


      Please let us know if you have any other questions at