Login and click Settings from the Navigation. If you need help finding the settings area, please refer to the Getting Around article. Next, Click Integrations:

How to complete the Iterable integration:

  • Once on the Settings: Integrations page, click the blue "Connect" button next to Iterable.
  • Choose All Campaigns or a specific campaign from dropdown list.
  • Enter your Iterable API key. (Once you log in to Iterable, hover over Integrations then click API Keys. Copy API key and paste into Iterable API key field)
  • Provide custom field names if desired. Keep track of what you changed so you can verify that the data came in under the right name later. If field names are left blank, data will be sent using default names seen on this page.

Here is what the data from Anedot will look like inside Iterable using the mapped field names from setting up the integration:

Please let us know if you have any other questions! (225) 250-1301 or