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  2. Using Campaigns


  1. Locate Campaign: Edit page. (Editing a Campaign)
  2. Click the "Finance" tab.
  3. Click "Items".

4. Click the "+" button next to "Item Groups". Doing so will create your first Group.

5. Name your group.

6. Click the "Add item" button.

7. Name your items and set the amounts. (You can add multiple items within groups.)

Note: You also have the ability to add more than one group to your form. To do so, simply click the "+" next to Amount Groups again.

The second Group, "Sponsorship Opportunity", has been added.

8. Click "Save" to update your work.

The demo form would look like this:

After selecting the desired number items, the total amount will be shown on the form:

NOTE: This feature is not compatible with our mobile apps. 

Please give us a call if you have any questions. (225) 250-1301