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Issuing Refunds and Voids

Who Can Issue Refunds or Voids?

While we hope it’s a rare occurrence, sometimes you will need to issue a refund or void. To issue a refund or void, you must be a user with an admin role. 

Account Admins can full or partially refund credit and debit cards transactions as well as void credit and debit card transactions. 

Account Admins cannot void or refund PayPal transactions or Direct Debit (aka ACH, eCheck) transactions.

Direct Debit (ACH/eCheck) and PayPal transactions must be refunded by Anedot staff. Voids are not possible with PayPal transactions.


Issuing Refunds

Account Admins can issue a full or partial refund less than or equal to the total transaction amount.

If you do not see the button, you are not an Account Admin user or the transaction is a Direct Debit (ACH) or PayPal. 

A refund is performed on a transaction that has already processed/settled. 

We do not charge for refunds, but Card Associations (Visa, MasterCard, etc) and PayPal never refund transaction fees so while there are no fees to refund, the cost associated with the transaction already has occurred.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the Card Associations or PayPal. If we were to refund Visa or MasterCard's fees, then it would become an in-kind corporate contribution from Anedot because the Card Associations do not refund those fees.


Voiding a Transaction

A void is performed on a transaction that has not processed/settled yet. Voiding a transaction makes it disappear from a donor's statement in a few days. Until then it may show up as pending. It is not possible to do a partial void.

A void may be issued before 8 PM EST the same day that the donation takes place. Fees are returned if a void is completed. A refund can be issued after the void cutoff has passed. Fees are not returned if a refund is completed.


Steps to issue Void/Refund:

1. Click the [...] button on the line of the desired donation.

2. Click Void/Refund

(Note: "Void" will appear in the place of "Refund" if issuing a Void is possible)

3. A confirmation box will pop up, click "OK" to refund or "Cancel" if you do not wish to issue a refund.

4. After clicking "OK", you will notice that the refund has been issued in the transaction history.


If you have any questions, please email us at help@anedot.com.