IS Political

Login and click Settings from the side menu. If you need help finding the settings area, please refer to the Getting Around article.

Click Integrations:

How to complete the ISP integration:

  • Scroll down and click green "Add" button next to Integrated Solutions Political
  • Choose All Campaigns or a specific campaign
  • Enter your ISP Account Name (Pro-tip: Call ISP to confirm your Account Name)
  • Click Save

You have now successfully completed the integration.

If you have prior Anedot data, you may click the Push Unsent Donations button and it will push donations up to current. (Note: It may take about 5 minutes for the records to be pushed)

Moving forward, all donation data will flow directly into your ISP import page.

To find your import page please visit:

There are several options available on how to handle each transaction record:

Add As New Individual
Skip For Now
Delete & Do Not Import

After you select your choice for each record, click "Process Import" on the bottom of the page.

Let us know if you have any other questions. (225) 250-1301 or