Integration Troubleshooting

Anedot integrations are easy to set up, but occasionally they don't work. Here's how to troubleshoot errors!

Anedot integrations can be set up following the documentation articles hereHowever, sometimes integrations can fail and it's important to quickly identify the problem. 

We provide a relay export for our submission integrations that can help you troubleshoot why your integration is not working.

Here are instructions on how to access the failed relays report:

Screen Recording 2021-05-04 at 2.57.00 PM
  1. Click on the Settings and then Integrations navigation bar tabs. 
  2. Click on the "X Connections" button below the integration that is not working
  3. Click on the Export Failed Relays button
  4. Open the Transaction Errors CSV and analyze the "Response" column.
    1. This column will outline the cause of the failed relay through the title, status, message, and statesCode.

Note: If you are still unable to troubleshoot the integration failure after utilizing this spreadsheet, please email our team at for further explanation.