Improper Setup (Integrations)

As you're connecting Anedot to another app through an integration, it's important to make sure it's set up properly! 

Here are some of the most common reasons an integration may be setup incorrectly:

Action Pages/Campaigns Only Setup

Here at Anedot, we have two products to build pages: Action Pages and Campaigns.

Each of these products requires you to create a new integration for each. For example, if you are processing donations using Action Pages but only have a Campaign Integration setup, then your data will not pass through to the app as you'd like it to. 

Be sure to setup an integration for both products if you're using both!

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Single Page vs. All Pages

As you're setting up your integration, be sure to select if you want to pass through data from a specific page or for all pages. 

If you have one page to start but may create more later, it will be easier to select all pages.

If you've only selected your first page instead of all pages, data will not passthrough from new pages.

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Incorrect Login Credentials

Some integrations require you to type in an Account Name, User Name, and/or password to connect to that integration.

It's important that you type this information incorrectly, or the other app will not accept the data we are sending. 

If an integration has incorrect login credentials, that will likely show up on a Failed Relays Report as a 401 error. You can learn more about the Failed Relays Report here.


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