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How to use SMS Actions

SMS Actions is a free text-to-donate feature provided by Anedot that allows you to set a keyword that a contributor would text to a phone number. For instance, someone would text "anedot" to (800) 500-5858. Keywords are not case sensitive.
The potential donor would be immediately sent a secure link to complete the donation.
Here's how you can add a keyword to your account:
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  1. Login to your user profile and select your fundraising account
  2. Click "Settings"
  3. Click "SMS Actions" on the left-hand panel
  4. Click "Add a Keyword"
  5. Select the Campaign or Action Page you want to be texted to the potential donor
  6. Choose your keyword
  7. Click "Save"
Pro-tip: We recommend choosing a keyword specific to your campaign. For example, you may choose BatonRougeFUMC instead of just FUMC.
Pro-tip 2: By default, your SMS Actions number will be (888) 444-8774. However, you can change your number to: (800) 500-5858.

Please email us at help@anedot.com if you want to change your number!