Blackbaud - Raiser's Edge NXT

Anedot supports relay of Action Page submissions to Raiser's Edge constituents, gifts.

Step 1: Connect the Anedot App to Your Blackbaud Account


An admin for your organization should visit the applications page inside Raiser's Edge NXT. This page is accessible from the Control Panel menu within the product.

Select Connect App then paste Anedot's application ID 1d57b776-f0c1-46be-976e-3f65e813a5ef.

Click Save and then Anedot will be shown on the Connected Apps tab.

Step 2: Add Required Fields in Raiser's Edge

Check your Raiser's Edge code table entries for the following required fields, add them if necessary.

  • Phone Type: "Cell"
  • Address Type: "Individual"
  • Email Type: "Email"

Step 3: Link Fund IDs

In Raiser's Edge, navigate to a fund page and copy the Fund ID from the URL omitting the / and ? characters.

In Anedot, navigate to Settings > Finance and add the previously copied Raiser's Edge Fund ID as the Internal Identifier on an existing or new fund. 

You can also use the "System Record ID" when you click on a particular fund to find the Fund ID. 
You can go to the Funds list, click on the applicable fund, and get the System Record ID. 
See the screenshot below as an example.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 5.11.15 PM

Step 4: Set up Your Action Pages 

In order for donations to successfully relay to designated batches in the Raiser's Edge Gift Management area, the following custom hidden fields need to be added to your action pages:

Key Value (Global or per page)
batch_prefix The prefix you want added to the batch number to identify the batch in RE. Batches will be created and identified by date (year-month-day). So if your batch_prefix is "A9", then donations that occur on April 1, 2021 would appear in RE under batch A920210401. Batches are automatically created by the integration each day donations occur, you do not need to create them in RE.
appeal_id The id of the appeal you want associated with the donations. This can be retrieved in RE in the same manner as the fund_id above.
campaign_id The id of the campaign you want associated with the donations. This can be retrieved in RE in the same manner as the fund_id above.
package_id The id of the package you want associated with the donations. This can be retrieved in RE in the same manner as the fund_id above.

Step 5: Connect Anedot Integration to Raiser's Edge

In Anedot, navigate to Settings > Integrations and select Blackbaud Raiser's Edge.
Note: You will need permission from the organization administrator in Blackbaud to add API integrations.

  • Select all Action Pages or a specific Action Page to relay.
  • Click Save
  • When redirected to Raiser's Edge authorization login with Blackbaud credentials if prompted
  • Upon success, you will be redirected back to the Anedot Integration pages
  • Note: The integration requires a relay every 300 days to keep tokens refreshed. If your integration remains stale past that point, you will need to delete the integration in Anedot and create a new one.

Step 6: Verify 

You are now integrated. Send a test submission and verify results in Blackbaud. If you encounter issues, edit the integration, then select Export Integration Transactions. 

Enable integration notifications via your Dashboard > Notification Settings


Constituent Codes

Additional Constituent Codes can be added to the constituent. If you want to learn more about how to do this, please check out this help article.